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Playing Fire Mage and when in dungeons sometimes I just cannot target anything with a tank and pets on the mobs. Its not all the time but sometimes no matter what I aim for or target I can never get a mob.

I know its an easy question and I should know the answer but if someone can tell me the easy target key that lets me find mobs in and among the players it would really help. My little pointy sword thing just doesn’t appear.

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You could set the tank as focus and use a target focus macro.

/target focustarget


Sorry. The problem is I can’t target any mobs standing around the tank or other players. They are swinging around so fast I cannot identify any mobs around them . My pointy sword icon just never appears. Its not all the time its mostly with tanks when pets are also in the picture. I was just in Blackrock and with each group of mobs I was unable to target a single mob in the vicinity of the tank.

In the end I just had to leave the group. Yet I have been playing all day no problem… well limited. But now I just can’t see any mobs to target. Isn’t there a key I can press to cycle through what I can attack.

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Tab is normally how we cycle through targets but you need to be hitting something at the time. It doesn’t always choose the best target either. It depends what you are after.

You can change the way the nameplates appear in your settings or get an addon to do it.

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enable stacking nameplates, and use the TAB key for switching targets


I thought I had lost nameplates as when I pressed V they never appeared. I had the tick against mobs in the settings. But seems I have to click them on all the time setting above. Without that set the V doesn’t work. It use to but doesn’t now.

Anyway thanks for that. I’m back in the game.

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Macro /targetnearestenemy to your abilities. Doesn’t work perfectly but generally picks a mob in the direction you are facing.
Will target a neutral mob (pig, frog, crow etc) if they are in the way though.

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Just aim your mouse at the mob and click or spam tab/rebind tab to some other key and spam it.

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I think they were actually just having trouble getting their name plates to show and have resolved it now.

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