Tarren Mill DH DPS Looking for new guild

( Some reason it’s coming up with my old Hunter Need to change that will do that on my pc when am home)

Hey guy’s, I am looking for a new guild who has discord and is not hugely Strict on time schedule. I say this because I like raiding and doing mythic plus and have done all my raids so far on HC but in pugs other than last season was on a guild but they disbanded.

So Getting sick to death of it, so I am looking for a patient guild who know I won’t always make there raid times but I will try and be on as much as possible.

Mostly available Thursday UK Time but in the evening so after 8 and my Saturday and Sundays are mostly free ( depends on kids :rofl: Hello to follow dad’s! ) can try other days like to try and be flexible

Just want to play with people not robots, so hopefully I am the right DH for you. Quite a chilled guy looking for chilled people to play with. Any questions I will happily answer.

Maybe Punished on Dentarg/Tarren Mill could be the place for you?

We raid Wed/Thurs from 21 to 00 server time. Are mature, older group of people with lives and stuff outside the game to attend to, we do not track attendance and as long as it is not some mythic bosses arriving late/leaving early is not a problem for us, since we all have the times when game is not the priority :slight_smile:

Our main is AoTC and some early mythic bosses if roster allows, pugging if we need to, but prefer friends/guild/community members in our group.

More info about who we are can be read from this post: Punished [Dentarg/Tarrem Mill][A/H] is looking more for s4! - #9 by Holyfluff-dentarg

If we are something you might want to give a try with, then add me on discord and we can have a chat there - mari.s

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Hey there!
We’re not on Tarren Mill, but if you’re happy to consider moving (Or, waiting until guilds are cross realm next expansion!) you’re welcome to check us guys out!
Ministry of Silly Wipes

Our guild activities line up nicely with your free time =) And we are pretty accommodating of people who may be running late; we just ask you let us know, and we may make a start whilst we wait for you (particularly for raids at least).
We have an active Discord as well! =)

Have a read of the thread I linked, my contact info is at the bottom if you’re interested in joining, or have questions!

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