[Tarren Mill]<Puppets of Misrule> 3/9M - Recruiting for S2 Mythic progression & Season 3

Hi and welcome to Puppets of Misrule!

Region: EU
Realm: Tarren Mill - Accepting cross-realm members
Faction: Cross-faction

About us:
Puppets of Misrule formed 8th of Jan 2023. We’ve with the seasons grown and current have 2 consistent and active raiding teams + a good social community!
The guild Mythic team has currently progressed 3/9M - Rashok 12% within 10.2.
We are a group of social and semi-hardcore players who enjoy clearing PvE content, but also play around with PvP, transmog and other seasonal content.

The leader of the guild has previous experience in guild management through previous GM/Officer roles both from WoW and other MMOs.

PvE information:
As most other guilds this season, we’ve been plagued with attendance issues.
Fortunately we do have a good chunk of players who’ve stuck with us for Season 1 and 2, which has allowed us to run consistent raids through the weeks, only having to cancel very specific sessions due to massive absence.
Current progression for the team is 12% on Rashok M, with the fight mostly learnt and optimizing players DPS output remains!
We raid 2 days/week, 2.5 hour sessions. Raid times are listed further down below.

For the entire Season 2 (10.1) we’ve run 2 raiding teams:

  • Team 1: Semi-hardcore Mythic progression team. Season goal will be to clear 50-60% of Aberrus. Attendance requirement is ~90% on a 4 week basis, i.e. 7 out of 8 raid days attendance.

  • Team 2: Casual / Semi-hardcore Ahead of the Curve (AotC) progression. Seasonal goal will be to clear AotC within Aberrus. Attendance requirement is 60% on a 4 week basis, i.e. 5 out of 8 raid days attendance.

    • This team have accomplished their goal, currently recruiting for Season 3

Raid days + time:

  • Team 1:
    • Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Server Time
    • Sundays 20:30-23:00 Server Time
  • Team 2:
    • Sundays 20:30-23:00 Server Time
    • Tuesdays 20:30-23:00 Server Time

Currently recruiting:

  • Team 1 (20-30 players):
    • 1 DPS (with and able to OS healer)
    • 3-4 Melee DPS (DH, Enhance Shaman, Unholy DK, Feral)
    • 2-3 Ranged DPS (Balance, Shadow, Frost/Arcane)
  • Team 2 (20-25 players):
    • 1Melee DPS (Feral)
    • 3-4 Range DPS (Balance, Mage, S-Priest, Ele Shaman)
    • Surplus is always considered

Class listings are preference. Exceptional players are always welcomed and will be considered regardless of class/spec.

PvE requirements on our players (leaders included):

  1. Attendance + Sign-ups
  • We use discord for both raid communication and sign-ups. To be a raider for our guild you’ll have to keep yourself updated on the information posted within the discord and be active with the sign-ups.
  1. Respect time
  • Invites will be issued 30 minutes before raid start, pugs will be searched for 15 minutes before raid start, 10 minutes before start we should ideally be inside the raid ready to start.
  1. Personal character Preparation
  • Read up on basic tactics/ask your fellow raiders before a raid session. Do not be afraid to ask if you don’t know how a fight is done. I’ll gladly give a quick and brief explanation to the fight/answer questions at all times!
  • Consumables, enchants, gems, gear is required to have and maintain for Heroic and higher difficulties.
  1. Positivity (cheesy but still)
  • Progress raiding means a lot of wiping. Stay positive, communicate, ask for breaks if needed.
  1. Access to discord
  • Communication is the key, lets the guild inform you about various topics. It also lets you reach the people within the guild remotely without having to log into the game.

Contact Information:

  • Discord: Reptution#9481
  • B-net: Reptution#2504

Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment post, for any questions, ask below or contact me on either platform! Socials always welcomed!

Recruitment list has been updated!
We are currently searching for:

2 Healers (Priest, Paladin)
6-8 DPS (Mage, S-priest, Evoker, DK, Rogue, Monk)

Our best pull on Dathea brought her down to 20%!

Dathea brought down this week, Diurna p1 mainly solved (need a few more pulls).

Still searching for some more healers and DPS to fill out final spots within the raiding team!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re in need of 2 new tanks to join our ranks for Heroic Raz!
We’re also still in need of 3-5 DPS!

I sent Reptution friend requests on both battle net and disc. Let’s get in touch :wink:

Edit: Raz HC killed.
Currently recruiting 3 Range DPS to fill the final spots for mythic.

We will be starting of with mythic raiding on Sundays with Wednesdays being a re-clear on Heroic to finalize the trinkets that the raid group needs!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

We’re currently looking to fill a vacant Tank spot, DPS (with OS healer) and 2 more ranged DPS! Reach out if you’re interested in progressing Mythic with our group!

Reforming our Mythic progression group due to the loss of numerous players (IRL changes). Currently at 14/20+ players. Aiming to have approximately 25-26 players!

We’re currently recruiting members to fill out our two raiding groups before 10.1 hits us in May! Reach out and lets us know if you’re interested!

Only a few raiding spots left!

Mythic Team: 17/20-30
LF 2 Ranged 1 Melee dps!

AotC Team: 11/14-16

Hit us up for more information Reptution#9481 (discord)

Post has been updated for remainder of Season 2 and future in Season 3!
Let us hear from you! :slight_smile: