Tauren players/lovers. I need your help. ALL OF YOU!


If you want Tauren Totem Weapons…

Comment on this post with = :+1: if you are like me and want them added once and for all. EVERY single design they’ve made and used across multiple expansions.

Let Blizzard know its freaking time to add them. its been like a decade soon since we got transmog, let alone 15 years of wow without a single tauren totem weapon availalbe to players.

They’ve ignored us for years.
Help me build a thread that they cannot ignore (Sorta)



Not sure if you are serious about this thread or if it’s a way to get likes.


i dont want likes. I want thumbs up comments to show blizzard how many players want this.

Im dead serious. its time for those mega hammers to be added


Didnt the tauren heritage set have the totems?

But yeah i agree, ever since wc 3 i wanted to be a tauren that smacks people with a 2 handed totem.

I gave up on that when i rerolled ally during MoP


Yes it does indeed, man.
And to add insult to injury, you cannot use it as a 2h wep. Which is infuriating.


Okay that’s BS. Tauren should deffo have 2 handed totems as weapons, as these were their weapon of choice in Warcraft 3.

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Let me tell you a story,

Shaman is described as totemic warrior (on character creation screen), though the only warrior spec he`s got is enhancement.

Here comes an irony unlike resto and elem, this one has no totems, except earthbind (slow) and talented wind rush.

What chances do we have for totemic weapons if even totemic warrior has no totems?


Its stupid yeah, shamans used to be all about getting different kind of skills based on the totems of different elements, wich you gathered by doing class quests. Now you basicly just got one skill that drops 4 totems at the same time for a short period to give you a buff.

This is just another example of pruning that made a class feel soulles



I know. Its completely freaking ridiculous.

You’re not alone thinking this. Far from it.


Showing my support for this :+1:
Although I suspect a big problem with this is the animations, and that isn’t easy to fix.

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And if I want :fire: :cut_of_meat:BBQ :cow: :hamburger: where do I post and with what emoji? :smiling_imp:


I’d absolutely love totem-wielding taurens but I don’t think blizz will ever invest so much resources into one race. But hey you have my support.

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Funny story. I just played today on my Tauren shaman and did some parts of the shaman class hall quest line.

And what did I see down there in Deepholm? My companion NPC who used a freaking Tauren-totem weapon. And it’s even a HD-weapon!


Yup. NPC’s have been using them since early wow, Leaf. Blizz wont give em to us because clipping probably. “Blizzard Quality Standards”

Christ. Who cares.

The thing is its not about resource investment at all. The resources are there, they are in game, all blizz needs to do is to spend a few hours taking the models, making em cosmetic and putting them in the game sold by a vendor.

The end.
Absolutely nothing else needs to be done.

But they simply refuse to even comment on this no matter how many threads are made. But after this tauren totem heritage armor and that mega sized totem on the back… I simply refuse to believe they are SO out of touch, so completely oblivious to whats fun in their own game, to be unable to understand that we would like to use that as a weapon.

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Grimtotem for Alliance! Give the Tauren what they deserve!

Screw the cowardice bloodtotem :>

Though seriously… why aren’t there a lot of totem based hammers? <.<

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Gnoome meat balls with soy sauce?

If I recall correctly, grimtotem has already partially joined horde with Jevan Grimtotem and his rednecks.

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There’s a 1h mace which is a totem, but it’s not anywhere near the scale of the ones Tauren are shown with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Giving Tauren the proper enormous Totems gets my vote! Perhaps they should be added as some kind of Heritage weapon? That way we’d also be able to get the cool weapons NPCs use in the Allied Race scenarios.


If it’s more customization options, I’m always for it.

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10 characters limit.


There are multiple versions. Dating all the way back to classic.
Let alone back totems.

So much customization and we got access to none of it. Crying shame.

Ion! Give us those bloody totems!