Tauren vs Forsaken at Thunderbluff

(Kernns) #1

Honestly if it actually happened I think be would be so one sided and simply Tauren Victory.

The corpse army would simply be crushed under to hooves of the Tauren, noting would be left but dust.

Now if the Forsaken had orcs or other races helping them different story.

And if we had no player involvement I just think the Tauren would crush them + I am sure the High montain Tauren would side with the Mulgore Tauren anyway what do you think?

Maybe I am just more a fan of the Tauren I just think they are the strongest race within the horde.

(Leíá) #2

It all depends on what will happen in 8.2.5 and Sylvanas’ story.

I am just very unhappy that they seem to be creating this EK Horde (Forsaken and some Blood Elves) as well as Mag’har Orcs vs Kalimdor Horde, Nightborne, HM Tauren and some other Blood Elves.
A needless divide has been created in the Blood Elf society. That isn’t needed.


Probably one of the best threads I’ve ever seen since I joined these forums.

Yes, my friend, Sylvanas stands no chance against mighty Tauren horns and hooves, it is well-known.

(Northgrave) #4

This post smells of bias and dung.


It doesn’t work like that, otherwise the Forsaken at Lordaeron would have simply been steamrolled by the Stormwind troops who wear finely-crafted plate armor.


The lackeys of Sylvanas are no match for my peaceful ways™. They will find our artillery to be more than a match for their remaining flyers and heavy ground forces.


I’m sure an aerial bombardment of blight bombs will do wonders for their superior physique.

Maybe Sylvanas could recruit the remaining Centaur tribes. It’s a proven and effective method.

(Kernns) #8

Remember that scene of the Tauren charging out knocking back the alliance? in the bfa opening film.

that was just 1 Tauren now picture a few 100! :slight_smile:


Your zeppelins cannot hope to match our rockships! The Time of the Wrath of the Shu’halo is coming!

Alternatively we could just send Magatha at the Forsaken. By send, I mean catapult.


Or just steam-rolled by those steam-powered rolling tanks!


The tanks will probably lack any filters against Blight. Just saying.


Of course they would. I mean, who would expect the Scourge to use the plague or the Forsaken to use the blight? It would be so unexpected!


Or perhaps use the anti-undead specialists! What a silly idea! The Alliance doesn’t have them!

Also, not as if they have ready on hand knights who can just walk through the Blight and hack people down no problem with runeblades. Nooooooooo…!

(Zarao) #14

It’d be excessively easy.

Baine would start declaring every casualty as a valid military target, and soon enough the tauren would be down to the last man while he sits on his tent, and builds miniature walls around strategic locations until only he remained.

Then, and only then, he would ask the Alliance for help to deal with the enemy.

Baine * Mode.

EDIT: (Not a serious response, as i’m not sure if this thread is legit or serious, or some joke).


Do I get a medal if I declare Zarao a valid military target? ;p

(Zarao) #16

Can’t. Not on Baine’s team.


No good Warfront loot for you then!


Baine cant you just go jump in Maelstrom already? or to the firelands and take a dive in one of many lava lakes?


Its a warfront it wont be good regardless.


How boring would a Mulgore warfront even be.

It’s nothing but plains as far as the eyes can see. No forests or pretty natural landmarks other than the mesas that Thunder Bluff is sitting on.