Tauren vs Forsaken at Thunderbluff


So basically the Arathi Highlands lmao.


Exactly. And that place sucks too.

It’s only interesting because of its history with Stromgarde.


Why do I get the feeling that even if I killed a thousand Hordies, yelling ‘FOR TELDRASSIL’, you’d still be complaining?


Ofc id do, youre just as conflict as rest of the horde. would be nice for you to do it. But then youd have to die aswell after


Remember how Theramore went ?
Baine warned Jaine of the imminent attack.
Varian sent his best Generals there.
What happened ?
Garrosh had a mana bomb up his sleeve.

Never underestimate the power of plot weapons.

  • If the Alliance helps the Tauren will probably have a plot weapon waiting, it always has, remember the blight at Undercity ?
  • If the Alliance stays out of it, than Sylvanas may be happy to just send all races not Tauren related against Thunder Bluff.
    On this case it would be interesting to see if the cinematic quality would be the same as the one that portrayed Zul Vs Rastakhan.



Tauren are much respected and valued members of Horde. Maybe some mercenaries and individuals from different race answer the call, but its unlikely the organisations/factions/Orders will openly stand against Tauren.

At this point Sylvanas only has her own race following with Blind Loyalty. Garrosh on the other hand had whole Horde behind him when he executed Theramore.

She blew Horde faster then Garry… disappointing.


…so that’s what “Garrosh was an amateur” meant…


If you look at it that way. :thinking: Your wisdom is endless, gnome!

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The forsaken are useless it is that simple. sure they couldn’t even handle gilneas alone.


Have you been to thunder bluff? Man, they are not prepared for that kind of assault, especially if the forsaken take them by surprise.
And don’t forget, forsaken have more than just reanimated corpses at their disposal. Throw in some blight weaponry, abominations, and a handful of peaceful Tauren aren’t looking so tough now.
Don’t get me wrong, I would always side with the Tauren, but never underestimate your enemy, especially when it’s lead by Sylvanas. Because she’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if it means sacrificing her own people.


I don’t really want this to happen. Whatever Sylvanas’ plan is, it better be good.

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If you ask me, what needs to happen is Sylvanas dies. I’m not joking either.

We need to see a true consequence of only having three Val’kyr left. It wouldn’t be much to satisfy the kaldorei lore, but at least it would be something to show consequence of Tyrande killing the Val’kyr in Darkshore.


“Never underestimate your enemy”. That’s a lesson that Sylvanas herself should learn, since it got her killed once in Cataclysm.


Beware! The spirits granted me a vision. I see an army of risen undead Tauren marching towards Stormwind.


And I’ve seen the continuation which shows said undead tauren getting obliterated by the Vindicaar and Aurobos.


Her arrogance and overconfidence blinds her from that lesson, which ultimately, I think will be her downfall.
Another mistake she makes is picking fights with the wrong people. Sylvanas always claims the Horde needs allies, but she’s alienating everyone, and making enemies out of allies constantly.
In essence, Sylvanas is her own worst enemy.
Hell, I’m a Horde fanatic, and even I want to see her head on a platter.


We’ve yet to see her endgame. Raising Derek is what made Baine turn on her. She did that in full view of everyone, I still don’t know why she did that.


Turning on her for that is stupid. Would raise doubts for sure but turning just for that is stupid. Its not nice thing but is/was best chance to take out jaina who is biggest threat to horde pretty much. Who herself has killed tons of horde soldiers.

Well that is when she doesnt flipflop again to somehow love horde.
And blaming evrything on sylvannas is also stupid,like sadfang planned invasion and war and likly couldve prevented burning if had finished malfurion off. I see him more at fault then sylvannas.

And rest of horde is just as conflict. And no baine+sadffang feeling bad doesnt make you not conplict or responsible.


She knew Baine would free Derek ( and even if she didn’t, she obviously didn’t care about losing her “weapon” since we’re asked to “play along” ).
She knew Jaina would return the favour and free Baine. Why else would Hathorel be there? And she wants the rescue to be successful because we are to play along again.
She also knew Saurfang would seek out Thrall and try and convince him to return, and her assassins certainly helped with that.

Her plan, as I see it, is to get all of them together in one place, either for a big sweeping blow to get rid of both Alliance leaders and Horde traitors or- to have them stand united against a greater threat that can only be defeated with combined forces.

Either way, Thunderbluff is just a red herring.


Because she’s not intelligent. She also trusted a dreadlord.

or- to have them stand united against a greater threat that can only be defeated with combined forces.

I always facepalm at this argument. Instead of starting a world war she could, huh, I don’t know, petition the peacemonger Anduin Wrynn to help deal with N’Zoth. Lmao, it’s not rocket science. She doesn’t have to start a world war to unite Horde and Alliance.