Tauren vs Forsaken at Thunderbluff

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I think last Warfront will be not “taurens vs forsakens”, it will be more like “Alliance with Horde vs Undead Alliance with Undead Horde”.


Its a rather tasteless idea to divide the blood elves even further at this point with the Void Elves on the table. Hope Blizzard doesn’t screw this up.


killing jaina would have mostlikely made Alliance in to berserk mode though, becuse Anduin would have lost it then, meening horde civilliance would have started to go to, and a march on origmar would most likely have happend at that point.


Nah, your assumption is to naive. Not all taurens would act as traitors. Half of Thunder Bluff would join forces with Sylvana, at very least at the beginning. Also big Mom has her spies all over Horde’s capitals, the traitors would be easily purged even before riots would have chance to begin.


I don’t want to see Thunderbluff utterly destroyed. It’s like, one of the best places in WoW, man!

Honestly though, if it were to happen, I doubt they’d give Sylvanas and the Forsaken a victory, and another Horde place destroyed. But you never know :woman_shrugging:

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There are definetly conflicting signals regarding this bit.
On one hand, you have Blizzard totally aiming at making Sylvanas (and those that followe her) seem as villainous as possible, but on the other, you have guys like this one:

That points at the obvious stuff his chieftain systematically overlooks on every occasion. This is what he says when you talk to him ingame:

There may be blood on the Horde’s hands, but there is no purpose in washing them until the Alliance is shattered.

See, this is VERY reasonable. You deal with the enemy, secure for yourself a position of strength, and ONLY THEN deal with your internal problems on your own.

Point is, that I don’t know why Blizzard feels like pointing out these sort of valid concerns, but then decides to demonise the natural reactions that come with them.
Well, I do have a vague theory about it that involves painting certain chick and dude in the shiniest way possible…but that’s just my own impression.


Exactly. Get rid of the vermin first ( to put it crudely ) before you start cleaning up the house. Wouldn’t make much sense the other way around. And that’s why I don’t think TB will be the target.

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It’s some basic concept that any faction, or ruling body, needs to understand asap.

It’s one of the most basic diplomatic notions: you don’t open yourself to people that can take advantage of it further down the line. Specially foreign states. And specially people that are enemies, have been for quite some time, or will probably be such in the near future.

Ingame, that’s one of the reasons Baine (and most of the current rebellions drive) is disliked by a big chunk of the playerbase, as they have consistently failed to realise this.
A very noteworthy difference with the rebellion Voljin started.


Exactly, I will fight and die for Forsaken but not in fight against our allies.


That is true, because Sylavanas can solely wipe out all the population of Thunderbluff.


exept what if it is not possible, like it seems to be in game now, horde can not win, though I doubt alliance can win eighter, more or less a stale mate now, so this meens you have an insane perosn as leader who wants to fight a war you can not win, so what do you do, go on whit it, or try to stop it.


Not saying you’re wrong, but shouldn’t your people be the last to want this war to end right now?
And you needn’t worry about me. Sylvanas may still have an ace up her sleeve, and if not, if there really has been nothing all the time- well. I’m sure, Anduin will forgive me anyway😏

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Sylvanas will use some Forsaken/Old God/Void nuke-ish weapon and that’s that.


Beefbbq and taurens happy together :smiley:


I am still waiting for the Thunderbluff BBQ. If Blizzard keep their premise of straight in your face forshadowing without any nuances.

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Sylvanas was going against the main idea of the Horde. Baine was against that. For that Sylvanas put him in to jail and wanted to execute him. To execute Taurens Leader.

Why some people calling taurens as traitors? It’s their job to fight for their leader. Does not matter if there is Alliance or Azshara, they must fight for their leader. Sylvanas is an enemy of their leader = she is an enemy for them.
And anyway Sylvanas was the one who betray Horde principles in the first place. So she is the one who is traitor here.


Not really, Sylvanas might have been going against certain orc’s hypocritical honor values/fetish. But killing the crap out of the Alliance is not against the Horde, neither is killing traitors.

And who is that? Baine or Anduin? Cause it sure seems that Baine is representing the interest of the Alliance, not the Horde’s and not the Tauren’s.

You misspelled “Alliance” there.

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My orc is more loyal to Saurfang than to Sylvanas. Why should i follow a warchief that was brought to power by some dark power (and our characters know it) and has zero respect for the horde values, ideals and principles? And Sylvanas can’t even accuse anyone of betrayal, cause she has betrayed Garrosh in the first place.
I don’t want to fight Forsaken’s aggressive wars, blight lands and resurrect the undead from their graves. It’s not what Thrall’s horde was about. It’s not what my horde is about.


Baine would make an excellent undead servant.

Not for the Forsaken though, he’d be wasted on them.


As your future ally (I question this) Warchief, I must state that you will have to storm Orgrimmar before this happens. We still have half your Order!