Tazavesh weakaura problem

I am using weakaura Tazavesn Gambit - Invigorating Fish Stick (Healing Totem) which applies a skull ikon on the nameplate. How can I add a 2nd mark cross if there are 2 fishsticks.
Right now the code is:
if aura_env.state.unit then
SetRaidTarget(aura_env.state.unit, 8)

I am also looking for an addon or WA which can put a skull mark on Adorned Starseer’s Wandering Pulsar

Honestly I just use the Weakaura Mythic+ Auto Marking and it works like a charm for all dungeons and their mobs.
In Gambit I swapped the default so it never uses Skull or Cross so the Weakaura automaticly uses these icons for the fish sticks.

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You gave an awesome idea. Thanks for the help. Your WA fixed my 2 problems.

Ok a new problem occurred.
When i create a new Add Entry and in the NPC ID I write the spell ID for Invigorating Fish Stick marks don’t apear on the nameplate. The ID should be 355132 & 355139 & 355147.

This is my setting https://ibb.co/WsSRgd7

What am i doing wrong?

Hmmm I checked my settings and I have it on Mouse hover instead of automaticly for these.

Maybe it buggs out or not, can’t really remember why :sweat_smile:.

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