TBC 58lvl Boost (solution)

Hello everyone! Short solution!

TBC Boost EQUALS 50% its revenue goes back to dealing with botting. (Ok, blizzard - it can be 1% :slight_smile: )

Posting here since I dont have access to TBC forums or other Classic categories

Can someone move this to TBC section?

If you can’t post there it means you have no active subscription/game time. So no you can’t bypass that restriction by asking to move topic.

If you actually do have game time then relog into the forums to fix permission issues.

I do think botting in classic needs to be dealt with, if you do a “/who rogue blackrock” on most of the larger realms you get 50+ unguilded rogues pick pocket botting and I think the majority are bots even with the benefit of the doubt. I just don’t think Blizzard will ever be pro-active about them and I have a feeling that Blizzards anti-bot software ignores instances.

Blizzard can’t split up the money from the boosts like though.

Edit: If Blizzard had a system which checked login duration and location they would see that someone cannot be in Blackrock Depths for 20 hours straight leaving then re-entering. Since they don’t kill any bosses the normal dungeons completed count wouldn’t work.

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No, instead use the money we actually all pay for maintenance as it should be, you know the subscription we all pay? Then remove boosts because they shouldnt exist in the first place.

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You don’t pay anything towards Classic realms, some of your sub is used to pay for them but not directly.

According to the vocal minority, most players don’t care either way, if they did the posts on the forums would have a huge post count from many different players, not the same 15-20 people.