TBC Classic - Mercenary Mode (Long Horde BG Queue Times)

The issue is pretty simple. As Horde, we have to wait about 20-50 minutes for a battleground queue depending on the time of day. On the other hand, alliance get instant queues.

This is happening even though we have cross realm Battleground queueing in TBC Classic.

Would it be possible to consider the possibility of introducing mercenary mode in TBC Classic? It would give horde players the opportunity to enjoy queueing for battlegrounds.

We all know the #nochanges discussion. But I am still proposing it as an idea because the BG queue times are absolutely unbearable.

Edit: We should also take into consideration that when you wait 50 minutes in queue and finally join a BG, there is a high probability for horde players to drop against a premade alliance team in BG, and lose 5 minutes in or less even, and end up having to wait another 50 minutes in queue for the next BG. This happens all the time by the way.


Absolutely not.

20-50 minutes would be nice - its rather 40-90 minutes.
Since Blizzard also introduced the worldbuff item to solve that issue, there is no reason to solve another problem that lets you waste time or not even play the game at all.

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Do you play alliance?

You’re right, my description of the queue times in my original post is less than the reality.

merc mode when? we need it!

Nope, stop ganking ally trying to level and q times will decrease

Maybe Horde would gank alliance players less if they didnt have to wait in queue for 90 minutes. I think it would work well for you.

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