Tell to warmode Horde


Dont waste my time and slots in my groups if you leaving at first sign of having a fight. Use coward mode instead if all you want is “complete wq efficiently”.

I’ve been playing a bit of Alliance too lately, and I dont see this happening nearly as often there.
It’s with a heavy heart that I must conclude that many of Horde just got fat and cant find the balls anymore :frowning:
Awaiting better times.

Sincerely yours.

(Nefaryas) #2

Are you saying that horde are being chicken in warmode? :rofl: oh how the tables have turned…

(Embo) #3

Yep they always run and only fight if they are outnumbering you

(Destruct) #4

Getting rid of thsoe people will help WM balance:)

(Nefaryas) #5

(Silvermane) #6

I can’t even stand logging on my Horde character.

I used to switch back and forth in WoD and Legion now I have little desire.

In fact, only thing that made me want to play Horde was the brown orcs but…

…Those terrible racials aren’t worth grinding more rep.

(Lizq) #7

Ooooook so the one alliance player in this thread puts this weak bait here because?

Got your raid chased away from Aroms stand by two-three baddies is that it? xD

(Scotchka) #8

Ugh. It’s really not a Horde or an Alliance thing. Regardless of faction, some people just don’t like a challenge, others may not want to spend 15 min on one wquest so they leave, maybe they just don’t want to bother with pvp in that moment, etc etc etc… myriads of different possible reasons. These “this faction be bad because of personal anecdote” posts are useless.

(Lightness) #9

I still don’t understand why they removed the “pvp” and “pve” type of servers. This whole thing with the WM is so bad planed and played.

(Lepanto) #10

I don’t PvP in wow, have other games for that. But you lot do realize that a sizeable population in WoW play Alliance AND Horde characters, Right?

(Punyelf) #11

Server populations changed over the years and most servers aren’t balanced between the Alliance and Horde. This in theory allows those people to be able to PvP with other in shards on a more fair basis. Sadly that’s not how the sharding has worked out. They added the buffs to WM so that meant a lot of PvEers have also turned it on purely not to be penalised when it comes to AP farming etc.

Unlike PvP servers people can hop in and out of WM. So when someone is ganking them repeatedly and they don’t want to have to go somewhere else or do something else for a while, they can simply carry on by turning WM off.

(Someoneelse) #12

That’s world PvP not any specific faction.

(Lizq) #13

Nice excuse :slight_smile:


Where’s yours?

(Lizq) #16

Same one, i meant it, been using it alot lately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everyone treats me like i do anyway, so why not?


World of Warcraft. Warcraft = the art of war. Warcraft was build around
fight horde vs aliance, not vs creeps where u dont need any skill. PvP should be on everytime and everywhere. PvErs are just cowards without balls . . .

(Khyrneken) #18

30% is one hell of an incentive to stick around and fight, if only the Horde got to use

(Avitlarge) #19

Spoken like a true virgin.


By this u are confirmed by not knowing for what u have this thing between legs yet. Ah these kids . . .

(Avitlarge) #21

On the contrary you are the one that stated “PvErs are just cowards without balls …” thus showing that you are not aware that female PvErs don’t have balls which leads me to believe that you are indeed virginal.