Tell to warmode Horde


Uh - it means u dont have enough courage. Nevermind . . .

(Avitlarge) #23

Courage? Can you please explain to me (i’m stupid i know) what courage you need to PvP?


Well you just trolling now, I dont need to waste my time on that . . .

(Avitlarge) #25

LOL yeah i’m just being an azz sry :smiley:

(Punyelf) #26

I honestly don’t think we’ll see it this expansion :frowning:

(Aundra) #27

Courage to stand against an army :blush: courage to stand on a summoning stone in underrot surrounded by tarrenmillers and dreanorians horde and you face them bravely waving at them :rofl:
Courage to step on the land knowing that you’re flesh meat walking and you have to work in about an hour and you don’t have time to die.
Courage to get yourself in front of a lonely DH Horde and watch in joy how he runs away with his wings.
Courage to stop your ride being a tank and healing a rogue half life ganked by two Horde :blush:
There is courage on both sides. We all know how annoy is dying and run ghost form.

(Khyrneken) #28

Indeed. People complained about “Horde Bias” over the course of BFA so far, but no one can deny that the Alliance get what they want quick enough when the whinge loudly.


Well its true. Horde have numbers we have benefits :wink:

(Avitlarge) #30

It really should just be removed completely. I don’t see what’s wrong with PVPrs having it turned on and PVErs having it turned off.
Sure this will still have some unhappy at a lack of world PVP all over again but i would suggest that most ‘world PVP’ complainants were from a one-sided server and were simply gankers in the main.

(Avitlarge) #31

That’s not courage though is it? That’s just doing something because you think it might be fun.

(Khyrneken) #32

Ah but the problem is that the Horde numbers advantage is regional and will neeeever actually affect most players.

If it was a single shard with every player in the region in it then fair enough. Alliance can have their 30% bonus benefit (and share the horrendous lag, FPS drop, chat confusion, screen clog but also the very heightened sense of community).

Problems occur when sharding is involved though. A form of “divide and conquer” is essentially in effect, and larger sized portions of the Alliance Minority and paired with smaller portions of Horde Majority on many shards. The Horde do have the majority on some shards but most other shards are extremely blue.

The buff really needs to be based on the map, as I said. Sadly, chances of that changing are shady at best it seems…


Well i can agree with that :slight_smile:

(Aundra) #34

Well… keep dying for a 30% buff is no fun :blush: you might say turn it off… where I’d reply… why? I haven’t say I hate WM on, I’m saying that being always on your guard takes courage. For what? A 85 war resources instead of 50? Wow :open_mouth: 400 AP instead of 325? Wow wow :open_mouth: 210 gold instead of 125? :thinking: 2 wipes and there you go my 30% buff in the bin… no WM on its about courage to face a menace, a sword dangling above your head. Sometimes it falls on your enemy because your quick enough, sometimes it falls right on your head, when red nameplates mean danger.

(Punyelf) #35

I think the Enlisted buff should just give Honor and Conquest, then it would just be pvp benefits for pvp.

(Khyrneken) #36

I had a bit of a stupid idea. Well, maybe two, or three. Or four.

  1. Outnumbered buff is applied to the lowest population within the Zone/Area/Shard with a respectable Area of Influence.

  2. “Defiance” buff for players involved in multiple one-sided numerical fights. Not something to help them win the group fight but make then a bit harder to kill while alone and/or outnumbered.

  3. Perhaps a “revenge” buff/debuff on your repeated Ganker/Killer? Could give players an incentive to pursue those who killed them and perhaps a bit of a buff against that specific player might also make rematches more interesting? Could lead to some sort of challenge/duel situation where Ganker and Revenge-seeker take greatly reduced damage/effects from allies and enemies other than each other? Obviously would need tuning to prevent abuse but the more you die to a specific player, the stronger you’d become against that player. Nothing to major though - no one shotting!

  4. Not just only Honour and Conquest with the Enlisted Buff, but also access to a large amount of capturable towers and locations around Azeroth. Like those seen in Outland and lower Pandaria. These control sites would change visually depending on Faction and level of upgrade they have. They’d upgrade overtime, give benefits to local friendly players and perhaps give rewards after a time or on capture/defense? Sites closer to a Faction City/Hub would be harder to take but all “Frontier” sites slow flip as waves of NPCs attack, getting stronger with each wave. Defending the sites gives them time to upgrade.

You could have a region-wide player-led campaign. An actual war, rather than the crappy instanced Warfronts PvE snore-fest!

(Ylie) #37

Yes, I hate the WM leavers all the time too, but noticed its mostly Alliance groups. Horde fight to the end. Even if im getting slaughtered by Horde, I remember who they are and I always get them back. WM should be on for the week. Dont allow the off switch…

(Souldefíler) #38


On a videogame.

Oh the incredible stupidity of people utterly incapable of separating reality from fantasy.

Bloody funny read though. Loud slurp from soda cup

(Alexima) #39

It’s not being a chicken really. It’s mostly about the fact that we don’t ALWAYS want to go and hunt people down in warmodes. Sometimes, we just want to get over with quests and leave.



(Aundra) #41

Well :blush: you can always turn it off and get your quest done, log off and going to work or doing something else. There is no courage in that. It’s a videogame :slight_smile: but trust me when I say it emulates reality more than you think.
Put a plague in a capital city and see how infected and sane get distances, or flee the city.
Get more gold and see how inflation goes up.
You see an ally in a fight against 2 enemy. What would you do in real life? Stop and help him or run away and call someone? Well you have these choises also in real life, don’t you? They reflect your personality, your choises. Your courage to choose to fight the enemy, even though it’s just a game.