Temple of Jade serpent is "hilarious" 🤮

So I just finished a level 18 and I can say I am quite happy I will not be stepping in this dungeon this week anymore.
At tyranical 3rd boss is just nuts and I hate it in the guts. The last boss is a wish in a bottle (the leader must have chosen the right damage dealers)
At Fortified I think I hate all the trash. Especially the 5 mobs before the last boss. If the group does not have enough cc the fight will be shiny :poop: with mobs spawning left and right. The mobs before 1st boss have such high aoe. Songbird queen’s Vicious Peck can one shot me if I am out of cds.
TJS receives is - :100: points :anger:

True. But devs said everything is properly tuned :slight_smile:

Reason why season 2 will not see me. I will be happily wait for the earnings call and see how this strategy turns out. They’ve listened but to the wrong folks I guess


That dungeon isnt bad at all tbh and every class has enough cc tbh, the 3rd boss is hard at some point.

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3rd boss is super ez. As you can time every tank buster and counter it very well. But try to do the last boss on tyrannical without enough burst classes to zerg the adds. Or an wl to despell.

Also the last pack is super hard without cc.

The pack invented its own category if you ask me. Super duper hard.

At 3rd boss I hate this phase Jade Serpent Dance and I always ask blood lust to be used on it. The rest are easy to deal with.

Everything u v described - lack of Knowledges. Tanking atm 23 lvl on VDH. Dont feel any problems. Even on last pack. Ofc - incoming damage is high, but rotate ur CDs as you should do it and think about next 2 packs and u ll get it easily.

I think one of the biggest problem not of this dungeon but this season in general that there are Prot Warriors that can facetank all mechanics without thinking a lot , spaming Revenge and Spell Reflect.

For VDH u really need to understand what are u doing. And u really need to communicate with ur healer and ur team in general.

The last pack is where you typically Bloodlust.
So you don’t have to CC or dispell anything, just zerg it down :slight_smile:

Try this on higher keys and watch your tank cry. Unless you’re playing warrior or dk of course

You don’t cc anything on the final pull besides aoe stuns. You just use every cd you have and once your tank runs out of stuff he runs.

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If you group is geared with 403 average you do use ccs. Not talking about no lifers with 3k Rio+.

Got carried or why give such useless comments in the forum filled with casuals?

This is useless advice for pugs with ilvl 403 doing level 17-20 bracket. We are not some 3k rio machines and we are not doing level 10 or lower where the cc won’t matter.

3rd boss is the easiest of the bunch if you know how to do it. Just us the stairs and you’re ok.

Stairs were fixed I think :thinking: also it is more like a tank healer check

Stairs were indeed fixed, and it’s a dps check too because the less kicks happen in P2 the more cds your tank / healer can commit to each one and the less chance they run out. Better have dps pop their short cds on pull just for efficiency’s sake but hold anything 2-3 minutes for the transition to P2.

From a tanking perspective it is not for me specifically

Why are you so upset ppl are commenting on how they usually do it?
Does it upset you that the majority off players (that keep your game alive) are “casuals” in your eyes? (Not in the eyes off 99% off the players)

My groups are made out off 400-405 ilvl ppl around the +16 to +18 keymark.
We never CC, We just BL and pop everything we have.
Even with a BRM or Guard druid we didn’t die this week in Fortified Bolstering :man_shrugging:

I am only pugging, but I do play Frost mage for TSJ.
Maybe the slows help with kiting that pack? I have no idea…

You confuse me a bit and I apologise in advance but are you talking about this character of yours? I am just curious where do you take your experience from because your mage has barely stepped in the 16-17 bracket. It has done 0 level 18 dungeons and only 1 not timed level 17 TJS. So how can you even comment on 17-20 bracket if you haven’t done it?
My experience atleast comes from something which I have done and I have plans for the next week to push level 17/18 Tyranical keys.

I also play a Prot warrior, but besides that, I made a comment in +16 to +18.
You are the one that made the comment regarding 16-20 while only doing TSJ 16 yourself :slight_smile: .

Regarding my +17 TSJ overtime, we did indeed overtime, simply because we had 22 deaths in the first corridor :man_facepalming: . Besides that the dungeon went very smoothly (with BL nuking the last pack).

Also looking at videos and streamers like Yuumi doing +20/+22s, they often run comps lacking freeze traps/CC as they cannot be sheeped etc…
Only one way to do those adds: Pop everything you have and kite what doesn’t die…

You and me both :slight_smile:

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There are a couple of pain points in TJS for sure.

  • The elementals in the start could use a slight increase to their cast time. Even if you stand near a corner it’s very hard to LoS their AoE cast before it goes off.
  • Did it on +18 last week (waaay over time) and Dark Claw from the mobs in the court yard was hitting for 300k+ without bolstering. Having to just tag them and run away until they are dead or risk getting oneshotted is just dumb. Even if Dark Claw did 50% less damage it would still be incredibly scary considering all the other sources of incoming damage in that pull.
  • Adds on last boss have too much HP.
  • TJS is also more heavily affected by affixes like sanguine, quaking and storming because most of the instance is just narrow hallways. It’s just an example of dungeons that are very poorly designed from an M+ perspective, because there were no such things as affixes when it was made back in MoP

This is a valid complaint but it also shows a very clear mechanical hurdle that players tend to overcome, and becomes less and less of a problem as key levels go up. My next comment is by no means intended to say things are fine as is, just that they are manageable when players understand how they work.

Mobs in dungeons almost always cast spells on fixed cooldowns, give or take spell queueing if they’re also purely a caster. You may only have 1.5s to dodge the spell once it starts casting, but you also know (Or can infer) exactly when the cast will start and already be taking steps the mitigate the effect once it does. This is true for tonnes and tonnes of mobs in new and old dungeons alike, and can even be tracked (Though I’m not suggesting that’s necessary).

As key levels climb you will notice a shift from reactive to proactive gameplay being necessary, the water elementals are a great example of that, just maybe they require it a little earlier in key progression than other things.