Temple of Serthalis or how to not make dungeons like that!


Is a game to dodge forum suspension?
Then I have died 2 times already :frowning:


Just be a good boye

(Someoneelse) #23

How dare they expect you to kill trash. What do they think it’s there for…

Trash is like mechanics… you ignore them and blame the healer when you die due to your own ignorance.

They want you to avoid bad stuff. What are healers for. Blizzard…

Healers need to heal. Crazy. They should be healing you because you dont want to follow mechanics. That’s what they are for. Really Blizzard. Really…

Indeed. We need raid dummies who drop loot.

Listen Blizzard. Come on. It’s what ‘we’ want.


What? I’m not sure if this is serious


TD is also annoying along with WC. However it is not even as bad as TOS.

Just buy few keys and invis pots and you are good to go. I am still not happy about the canon they nerfed, however it is still much better than TOS.

And at least there are no stupid mario minigames,

We need bosses to kill, not some stupid mario mini games.

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players have been able to skip trash mobs since vanilla

Most annoying trash that mostly are not skip-able [Check!]

Some people actually like not skippable stuff, its part of the raid.

Totally in-door where you cannot mount to repair [Check!]

Have you tried getting some repair hammers? Because in legion they
seemed to be a thing :slight_smile:


You basically just listed all the features of the dungeon and put “check” behind it. You may as well have said:“Blizzard don’t make dungeons I dont like. K thx.” What a pointless and may I add subjective topic.


But for Temple you only need ~3 invis pots and you are good to go :thinking:

For the 1st ‘mario’-minigame you just follow 1 orb and you are at the other side. for the 2nd you take right and after the 2 ‘walls’ of orbs that move from left to right you walk forward, only forward (maybe wait for a gap in the middle line of orbs but there is a gap after every orb), and it is done.


not sure if troll. You know in TD you can use pick lock?.

Well this week, ToS is equally bad with Sanguine. It is very narrow. I don’t get your point at all.


I said Temple. I know about the locks in TD. But i timed a temple 13 this week with ->

Team composition: Guardian druid, Holy paladin, 2 ret paladins and a BM hunter.

Edit: i lied. ~36 seconds out of time :frowning: Anyway, still doable.

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ToS is by far my favorite BFA dungeon.

Though I admit I love everything related to dunes, sands and Arab-related lol


You think you know pain, but have you experienced pugging Lord Stormsong?

Terror. Agony. Chaos.


:joy: Or using divine star in waycrest and pulling everything in the room next to where you are standing. Good times

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Kill the boss & Heal the boss are two different sentences with their own meanings. They both are valid for ToS. And yes i played every single dungeon of BFA multiple times on multiple characters.

Been able to skip trash mobs since vanila is not what you are supposed to do.
Blizzard creates the dungeons. Some players find a way to skip trash mobs, and it becomes a thing everyone is doing. But when blizzard gets a chance to change that? Well, look at the Everbloom dungeon from WoD. Remember how were you skipping a lot of trash mobs? Now blizzard fixed this ( Because of Timewalking ) and you don’t have a choice but kill the mobs to get to the bosses.

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What? Sethraliss has been one of my favourites since the start. I’ve had a lot of keys there tho, at least in S1.

Honestly tho, wish people would stop fearing keys. The more you do a dungeon, the easier it gets.

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ToS is very hit or miss for me, there are so many mechanics with personal responsibility that it just depends on the group.

Did a 9 there today on an alt where no one seemed to know they had to stand in front of the pillars on the third boss so 3 wipes on that boss. Then the tank had no clue about the orb room and wasn’t paying attention when we started on orb #2, finally caught on and had 6 guardians on tow and as the cherry on top the healer was disc. 59 minutes was the glorious final time.


Care to explain to me how everyone needs to stand in it? :o

Also, if you t hink everyone will know at only +9 keys I think you’re doing something wrong because I dont know many bosses and I do +10’s allready :o

(Søssky) #39

Third boss spawns pillars and if he gets 10 stacks or so he’ll do an aoe attack that kills you or nearly kills you so you wanna stand in between the pillar and the boss so he doesn’t get stacks.

It’s a mechanic in normal mode too even though it doesn’t do much so shouldn’t really be news to anyone. Like I said it depends on the group, it’s an ok dungeon when people know what to do and one of the bad ones when they don’t because it has a level of personal responsibility that a lot of other dungeons don’t.


I am not suire we are playing the same temple then…

Bewcause a +9 doesnt realyl require anything special, really…

Its not even that hard yet. The general consenses is that +9 is perfectly doable by people, and so what if you didnt time it once?

Move on to the next one, Give others tips.

You just feel entitled.

Thats what I get.

Also, I didnt really ran that many dungeans at all prior to mythic… The only reason I ran it once on normall ewas because of quest lines XD