Temple of Serthalis or how to not make dungeons like that!


You are not even going to make a Galvazzt kill on normal Mythic (M +0) if you do not soak the energy from the pillars. Probably when you did the dungeon the other 4 players carried you though it.

Upgraded a +11 with +2 again. Still by far the easiest dungeon where you do not rely on rogues to skip. 3 invis pots and you are gold.


What makes you think that? Have you done it?

Last time I checked it isnt an instant whipe, nor does the damge scale to uncrontrollable healing on +9 yet.


I have timed a +17 tyrannical Temple last season and +13 this season. Not sure why that is relevant.


Your claim was about mythic +0.


You do not get a 1 shot, but almost. And when nobody soaks you get every 10 seconds the blast. That is not healable.


Yeah, I wiped on this boss on even heroic because of too many blasts.


How is it not healable? Do you play w/o healer?


You have clearly no idea how it works. It is fine :smile: Good luck in not soaking the pillars. :+1:


Yeah good luck me when you dont need to to soak as a whole team l)

Regardless wasnt my point.

Incase you didnt understand, if someone’s doing stuff wrong, you can teach and tell said person what to do instead of muttering complaints. Its hard riught?

Half of the time I post here is because of that reason. Perhaps make some friends like that? Help them help you clear content :wink:


Wowhead guide

“The entire group should take turns at soaking the Galvanize energy beams, swapping players away from beams when they reach around 10 stacks.”

Also you have to know with every blast it will do 20% more damage.


Read updated post, and turns is not stack on soak. + people had nightmares of 8.0.1 bug anyway.


I did. Soak the pillars with the whole group :slight_smile:

And for the OP I gave a route to skip with invis to not get too much trash. Because that is usually why people do not time dungeons.


You should know

Coordination is the name of the game. If you’re an organized group on voice then have a leader call out the name of who they want to soak the next pillar. That lets the healer start prepping to heal them, keeps stacks spread out and improves your control over the fight.

If you’re in a pug then take on as much responsibility as you can yourself. Soak a pillar to 10-12 stacks, let them reset and then seek out another pillar. The more mechanics you handle yourself, the less your party has to do and you trust yourself more than the people you just met.

Ultimately this fight is a hard DPS / HPS check and even with perfect mechanics you may not kill him. Make sure you saved your 3 minute cooldowns and Bloodlust. You’ll need them.

The boss getting a Consume Charge cast off is doom. That’s what you’re racing against. He doesn’t gain any energy naturally so you can still him indefinitely with good pillar control (until your healer runs out of mana).

Healing Galvazzt

DPS will seldom realize how tough this fight is for you and even with perfect play you’re going to be pushing more throughput than anywhere else in BFA Mythic+. In general:
Stay mana efficient. You’ve been told mana doesn’t matter much in Mythic+. Tyrannical Galvazzt is a whopping exception. If you think you’ll need a strong mana trinket before the run starts then use one. Make heavy use of your efficient spells like Efflorescence and Essence Font.

Galvazzt is a heavy fight. I am the healer by the way.


I must be doing something wrong then, or I ended up in some exceptional pugs lately: I’ve timed three M+10 Temples last week (Tyrannical, Bursting, Necrotic, Beguiling), and Galvazzt was one of the easiest bosses to heal. I don’t remember wiping to it on any difficulty, to be honest.

All runs were random pugs, we did not coordinate who soaks when.


And how many blasts did you have? 0? Indeed. Nicely soaked group :slight_smile:


Yup. The boss, like most of the dungeon, is pretty straightforward to pug.


Read my updated post.

Help others, Help you.

If you played Legion, and BFA, you would know alot of people dont truely ‘learn’ mecahnics in your standard ‘normall or heroic’ dungeans. Even the lower keys of mythic are a joke.

Point is, You see something do something wrong on keys that are below +15?

Then there;'s a chance said person didnt run that dungean enough and you should actually be nice and tell him - Hey, yuo did x wrong. You should do that instead.

See? Help others help you.

PLus, you’re making friends that way but thats out of the question here…

That last line was a pun at all the lfg haters.

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Lmao what are you talking about? You read like a semi advanced AI who kinda gets what I’m writing but then replies as if I was saying something completely different. There is nothing in my post that says any of these things you’re saying. All I’ve said is that it’s more dependant on the group doing what they’re supposed to than others because of 1 shot mechanics or close to 1 shot mechanics, that’s not being entitled.

Please go do temple above 6 and tell everyone not to soak the pillars and then report back.

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Temple is not my personal favourite, but calling it worst when we have Tol Dagor? I don’t understand.


Yeah Temple sucks, whenever I get a temple key, I just call it a week. I mean it’s not hard, it just… sucks.