Terenas Alliance Reconnections


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Guild: Love To Hurt You
Anyone that remembers the guild or was in it. Biggest memory was the MC raid that was organised as a pug from members of the bigger named guilds as a last raid of vanilla before TBC launched.


Zike might get born again at some point, just depends what time I have :joy:


We must of been in the same guild then if you were in GoS! :slight_smile:


I used to play in Order of the Tiger Zebra/One Spot - My name was Raiyne and I was a fury warrior. Rolling on Alliance on Pyrewood Village with a new guild if anyone was interested?


I remember Twister I think, we were in the same guild of Shadows of the Past :slight_smile:


I remember you Boz! You joined GoS with a few others I think. You were an awesome mage ^^ I remember you kicking bum on a world dragon kill, can´t remember which but your arcane missiles flew all over :smiley:


Ha! I remember Raiyne, all right. Plenty of laughs were had coasting through MC/BWL/AQ. My druid was called Dagomyre back then.

Also tempted by Pyrewood Village. Not sure on faction though …


AH cheers Chandra, very kind of you to say so!

Yeah joined into GoS with a guy called ‘Elfy’ a RL friend at work. Met Crime in GoS as well and we both moved later into Anathema.

I do remember our GoS runs into Zul Gurub when it first came out and yes think that world boss was the dragon in the Blasted Lands!! Wasnt that our raid training?


Boz definitely rings a bell so does Anathema, I think I joined? Was the Guild Leader a Warlock who had “/gkick” macro on all of his hotbars? :smiley:


Yes Xeno, remember you. :smiley:

We had Azuul (Dorf Paladin) and Sigmundo (Warlock) who ran Anathema back on Terenas.


Wow I remember all those names, was Sigmundo Italian? Don’t know why I remember that lol.


Yes Nooks, Sigmundo was Italian :smiley:


So I was Kurzan, the old guild leader of Wiped during the TBC days. Some of the old gang are coming back to play again if anyone wants to join us. Masquerade and I will be on Mirage Raceway alliance side.


Wacha! Rollin! :smiley: He tanked for us for ages! quiet and very friendly guy. Wacha was a pally who´s guild we merged with I belive :slight_smile:


Elfy!! Mark he is called, he was so friendly and made me a lot of cloth items for my priest. And I remember Crime, he was hilarious and such a good mage. Little gnome :slight_smile: Aye it was in Blastedlands indeed. I do remember us in ZG :slight_smile:


You are so right :slight_smile: GoS was a great guild, the first guild I joined. Sheila was the “guild mum” such a lovely lady. I have her on Facebook ^^ Faroe rings a bell, we were definatly in the guild at the same time. I am happy you have good memeories of GoS :slight_smile:


woul put it here… but this forum dont allow links for some reason


Should any wanna talk more about classic and Anathema on Terenas you can add me Ulinka#2616


Dont recall your name… what you had in classic ? :smiley:


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