Thank You - For Everything!

I said same thing watch out your post will get deleted like mine did.

Nah dude just yours because you are bickering too much.

Thank you for all your work and passion for the world of warcraft community.
Personally I know you just a short time since our german CM Toschayju left some weeks ago.
All the best for your future.

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Thank you also.

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Thank-you for everything sweetie and good luck in your new endeavours - you will be sorely missed from the EU community team. You will always be welcome in Azeroth and hit us up if you want a scrappy but fun raid night x (right avatar this time)

Different language forums, customer support forums etc

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I will not lie… Not gonna miss you.

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Best of luck with whatever the future holds! :v:

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All the best! :hugs:

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It was good having you with us.

I hope your future will be even better!

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Good luck and all the best Aerythlea! /.gnomehugs. :hugs:

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You and I have never gotten on… like at all…
But I do wish you the best going forwards.
I hope you found a better job and still hang out on the forums even when you don’t get paid.
Just don’t abuse those connections :stuck_out_tongue:

Farewell and may you always have favourable seas and following winds


Im willing to bear this grim destiny


Thank you!
I’ll miss you, and hope you will still be here with us in some way…
Best of luck with everything Aerythlea :slight_smile:

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Best of luck on your new adventures!

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promote me to GM before you leave what’s the worst that could happen

but seriously cough I was also being serious about the top sentence cough have fun and good luck

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I saw the title, and I saw your name, and I got to admit I didn’t want to read it :sob:
You’ve been an inspiration, and I’m so glad I got the chance to pick your brain a couple times and just chat too.
You will be missed on here that’s for sure.

Wishing you the very best on where ever your adventures may lead you :blue_heart:


Good luck with everything!


Not to be rude but who are you?