The Arctic Fox Social Raiding Guild is Recruiting


The Arctic Fox is recruiting .
We are a Allience social raiding Guild on Steamwheedle Cartel.
We raid thursdays and sunday from 8pm - 11pm Gametime.
currently we have progressed in HC Uldir.
we have some blank spots open for raiding all speccs and classes welcome.
we also host the Arctic fox raiding community you can either join the guild or the community channel for the raids.

The Guild itself is a friendly active place we help eachother out with dunguens quests and more. the name is a reference from a mtg card japense mytholgy and foxes in general we have a arctic fox minipet and the fox mounts that fit perfectly.

for those of the server of chamber of aspects i can give as advise to join the guild of sir robin raiding instead for the raiding and more

for more info send a reply or whisper a officer on world of warcraft .

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