The best 3 pets?

Hello Hunters,

I have a few questions for you. Since we are limited on only 3 pet slots, by you, what composition would be the best? Or what composition you like/prefer?

My newbie opinion is that we need 1 dps pet (cat), one for raid (wolf because of howl) and for the last one, maybe tank? But, I cant decide which one would be the best. Turtle (shield), boar (charge), gorilla (AoE aggro) and scorpion (poison). I didnt consider wind serpent since I know about him very little (so far I met him only few times).

Also, how painful is to level up pet from 35+ lvl when you are level 50? Im thinking to tame Brokentooth, if he is really that good and worth of waiting to tame.

In this moment I have King Bangalash, I tamed him because I thought that he will have “Cobra reflexes” (source Petopia) but he doesnt have, unfortunately, so right now, Im considering should I keep him, since he is elite. Or should I replace him with BT. Also is it true that the elite and rare pets have better stats?

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Do you prefer more dps wolves 1.2 like deathmaw or 2.0 like Bloodaxe Worg)?

  • Bat for farming (AOE agro) - Ressan the Needler, rare white bat, my companion since level 11.
  • Fast attack cat for PvP - Broken Tooth, my secondary pet since 37.
  • I’ll get a wolf for raiding at 60.

Slot 1: The Rake (cat)
Slot 2: Wolf from the badlands
Slot 3: undecided yet. Will stay open for now to tame pets for skills. Either going to be a Board for the Charge in PvP or a Scorpid to stack poisons, making it harder to dispell.

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How do you level them both in the same time? What are you and what level are they? I mean, do they struggle to follow your tempo?

What level is your BT? Is there any site or option where I can compare stats of BT and King Bangalash?

This is also my struggle. Charge or poison, both are great!

I’m only using a cat just now because I have many other things to farm/grind out but the plan is to also have a wolf and wind serpent even before ZG.

Wind serpent is good because it dies alot less often to raid aoe damage, thats pretty much it. In ZG we get a really good one though so it’s not that important.

Wolf for furious howl ofcourse.

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What is ZG?

I need to check and search a little about wind serpent.

Deathmaw, brokentooth and Son of Hakkar seems pretty solid composition.

If you go to the Ruins of Mathystra in Darkshore, there are lots of little cat statues lying around. If you loot them there’s a chance they’ll spawn a tameable ghost saber, a white cat with a unique translucent texture.


I swap them once one has leveled. That implies a bit of grind, but that makes money so it’s good.
BT has a 1.0s attack power, great for interrupting casters. All other cats (incl. Banga) have 1.2s attack power.

Once we get Zul Gurub, I’ll get the 1.0s attack speed bat from there for the best of both worlds.

Zul’Gurub, where you get Son of Hakkar:p

And the bat is better in most situations :wink:

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I, like Ace Ventura, love all animals except bats.

  • Brokentooth (fastest AS pet in-game in P1)
  • Deathmaw / Slavering Worg from Wolf Master Nandos (is a wolf; 1.2 speed)
  • a wind serpent (Son of Hakkar knows last rank Lighting Breath, but is not available yet)

Everything else you see is BS and/or personal preference. If you want the best, these 3 are the best.

Because your opinion isn’t BS and personal preference ?
I’ve been a hunter since Vanilla and your choice is not bad, but definitely also not the “only” best :wink:

It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Your being a hunter since vanilla means nothing.

For example, I like spiders because of their net, and if I had said “Spider” it would’ve been an opinion. But I didn’t, did I?

A fact with no proofs, no situation… yeah sure.
Once you grow up, you will learn that your opinion is not a fact. Never.

What’s funny is that I agree that your list is good. But I disagree with your arrogant attitude based on an obviously limited and biased experience of Vanilla hunter. For instance the wind serpent is just an opinion and definitely not the best in all situations.

You’re the one who needs to grow up and accept they’re wrong.

These 3 pets are the best. That’s not “my opinion”, it’s a fact. Just pure fact.

  • Brokentooth is the fastest AS pet in-game till ZG bat. It’s also in the “offensive” pet type.
  • Deathmaw / Slavering Worg is a wolf, and the fastest AS of its kind.
  • Son of Hakkar is unique because it has a ranged attack and therefore will not die and will dish out decent damage at the same time.

I don’t care. You know why? Because I’m not a kid.

365 days /played with a single hunter from vanilla to WotLK.

Yeah, it’s the best in situations where the other pets are simply not an option. That makes it pretty damn “best”.

You can either try and make it personal (good luck with that) or you can agree that the 3 pets I listed are the best.

Can you recommend few? :smiley:

Does spiders have web in classic now?

Right now Im waiting for BT to spawn. Hope will catch him soon.

Not a single fact in your post.

For instance, if you don’t know that flyers are utterly good for solo farming , then sir, you are no good hunter and just another bad player blindly repeating what other kewl kids said on the net. Your loss.

Except that I listed facts for all 3 pets. Just shut up already…

I’ve listed some in my first post :slight_smile:
Broken Tooth for PvP and even normal dungeons, a Flyer (Bat, Carrion or Owl) for solo/farming because AOE agro is invaluable and the attack power debuff helps tanking, and a wolf for raids.

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