The best 3 pets?

If you’re alliance, you can get one easily at low-levels since they fly around in teldrassil.

As horde however, unless you want to a) make a very perilous journey and b) level up a low-lvl owl, your best bet is to tame one in felwood at lvl 48:ish.

Your tone in most posts are kinda cringe tbh. Just calm down no matter if you are right or wrong.

For levelling a Boar :boar: is a fantastic utility pet, with charge then I’d swap for Broken tooth at his level for Dash.

Here, instead of saying which one dominates better than the other, let’s spit out some actual fax here, so in order to find out the best of the best, we must first look at all of the 17 pet families.

First off, if you really want to min/max your capabilities, we must certainly take out (Bears/Crabs/Crocolisks/Tallstriders/Raptors/Spiders/Hyenas), sadly all of these pet families do not have any distinctive family abilities, even if bears have the best health, at an endgame, it isnt really worth having that go well for it. If Blizzard did give them all special things, then they’d all at least have some unique variety… Alas in classic this wasnt the case, better than retail pets though (my opinion).

There’s also bats owls and carrion birds, in which all three have Screech: Owls having only Claw and Bats with Bite, and Carrion birds having both Claw And Bite while also being a little tankier, in exchange for damage. You might as well take your pick between the three from there.

So now we’re down to 8 families, those who have the unique family abilities that allow them to do useful things other than themselves.

Wolves with their Howl and overall stats makes it a good pick for any situation, and is excellent for dungeins and raids.

Boars with their charge make them super good at initiating combat and if done correctly, you can save yourself with a 1 second root when kiting or running away. They exell very well in PvP

Gorillas with their thunderstomp, earliest leveled one you can tame is in stranglethorn, they’re good for leveling as they’re good tanks and have a great AoE burst damage they can do every minute, recommended for leveling i’d say, dungeons too.

Scorpids with their scorpid sting, they’re some nasty little buggers with a stackable poison, which makes it really good agaisnt pretty much every class in PvP combat, rogues and druids will suffer, casters will have a hard time dispeling your hunter stings and… Well it’s also good against mobs with high level like bosses, unless they are immune to poisons ofcourse.

Turtles with their Shell Shield, now if you’re looking to have an immovable object in classic then this pet is for you. They are one of the best tanking pets in the game, they can serve as effective offtanks in dungeons and even friggin raids in the duration of it’s shell shield! No matter what, managing growl on it is always great as it won’t die so quickly, just be ready to get an earfull from your tank if you do however. (Best pet to make warrior tank jealous)

Owls/Bats/Carrion Birds with their Screech, same as wolves, they are absolutely amazing in dungeons and raids, mitigating a little bit of damage can make all the difference from a wipe to an absolute win, if your in a raid guild, make sure you know who’s pet is doing what job, it is almost very likely that wolves will be over abundant from it’s popularity as one of the best. (My favorite is Carrion Bird, survives long enough, just how i like it.)

Cats with their Prowl, if you’re a handsome night elf hunter like me then you know how amazing it feels to be able to ambush pretty much anybody in PvP. Their prowl is excellent for it’s extra damage and it’s stealth ability isnt so great if you arent a night elf, since when an enemy sees you, they know that you have a pet because your a hunter duh. They’re DPS output is off the charts as well, so think about getting one of these mini rogues at your side if you want to dish out some mad damage.

And finally, Wind Serpents, with their Lightning Breath ability, so you thought cats did the highest damage? You fool! These are the actual best pets for absolute mad mad damage output, not only that, it’s a ranged ability! It’s even better than bite so just disable that and spam lightning breath, it’s also good for surprising low health players who think they’re alright at a distance, just chuck that zeus lightning bolt and boom, he dead.

That’s about all of the useful pets done and covered, hope it helps choosing your own unique set of pets that you want! Have fun huntin’


Thank you very much for your analyze, its very helpful for new players.

There are a lot of great pets but unfortunately we have only 3 slots.

Right now, Im camping broken tooth, but I think I will give up and stick with my king Bangalash (think I need a cat as a pet since Im elf hunter).

Second slot will be definitely wolf, because he is the best for raids.

And for the third slot I will need to decide what I want. Really like Carrion (AoE, plus he is tankier then others birds), scorpion (because of the poison) and gorilla (because of AoE, mostly).

I read somewhere, cant remember of source that rare and elite beasts have better stats than normal (hp and armor), is this true?

thank you for this! will be commin back to this as i go the next months. Probably starting with a Wild serpent, as im about to do wailing caverns. My first toon ever as a both hunter and horde

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Just an quick information. I cough Broken Tooth 10 minutes ago!

I was looking something on the youtube, I told myself:“Okay, one more check and I am going to eat and then going in Tanaris to play doungeon, there are a lot of people around here, there is no way I can tame him before someone kills him or tame before me.”

Then I checked, I saw his name. Near to him was around 5-6 people and nobody react. Dear God I was fast with that Cheetah run from my “Hunting spot”. Freeze trap and easy tame! Youre tamed you little…

Now its time to level him up.

How this works? Do I need to kill minions with his level or mine?

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Kill things that are around his level, but i’m not sure if it will gain more if you go ahead and kill higher level mobs compared to him.!

The thing is that Im 48 level, I dont get experience by killing mobs in Badlands.

I will find some faction between 40-45 to do quests and also to level this bad boy. Maybe Feralas will be a great choice. Tanaris would be even better but I already clear it, only dungen quests left, but for that I will use my current pet.

I know he doesn’t have the resistance, but he’s still a cool and rare wolf and wolves are good in raids. I already have Barnabus but i want Snarler as i prefer wolf over worg.

As do I. I got one from the Badlands, those are my favourite colour of that model.
Keep in mind that there are other options for a Wolf with that exact same model. 

The Vilebranch Raiding Wolf is more around your level, is not a rare, and has a faster attack speed to boot :smiley: (Unless you really just want Snarler, in which case just ignore me)

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You have to kill mobs that earn YOU experience. Killing gray mobs will NOT earn your pet any experience.

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Wait, what, is that true? I gotta check this out :thinking:

I want snarler so /ignore :slight_smile: It’s just more special with rare pets even if they are not noticeably different. Besides, i have BT for PvP so slower speed is better for raids since speed is not important and the pet gets higher crits.

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Yeah, ghost saber. Its not hard to catch it (it took me 2-3 statues). I abandon him after few levels, because that ghosty look is not that great visually (for me, of course). And I replace him with a boar (Bellygrub from Redrigde mountains - he has charge rank 3 which is very nice on level 24).

Tip: If you want to tame him, be sure, before you loot the statue, put freezing trap and then loot. Try not to scare when he pops out. :slight_smile:

You guys need to take a look at petopia. They have a version of their website for classic and got a list of every pet sorted by attack speed.

Regarding scorpids, doesn’t their poison mess with ice trap in pvp?

Awesome that you caught him ^^
Though to others, who consider not going for brokentooth because of the effort, dont settle for a pretty cat like King Bangalash which only has an attack speed of 1.4, there are still other cats that atleast have an attack speed of 1.2 which are worth getting.
Like the Feral Mountain Lion in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

And personally id go with Cat (brokentooth), Boar or Wolve (depending if pvp or pve marksman), and the ZG bat (which also has an attack speed of 1.0), which is a good pvp or tank pet… otherwise Carrion Birds seem like decent tank pets.

Thank, it wasnt a easy work, I was camping him hardly.

Anyway, I also have need to share that I cough Arash-ethis (Serpent Wind) in Feralas. Dont know how much he is a rare pet. But I was running to complete my quest and there he was. I wanted to back on the island to leave my pet in stable, but after a second he dissapeared, then he showed up again, and gone again. Thought its a bug, but I went in stable, left my pet, came on the same place (he wasnt there) and I log out. Early in the morning, I log in, before work (5 AM) and he was there again. So, since nobody was there I easily cough him.

Im repeating, dont know how much is he rare, since I saw him twice in a very short period, but at least he looks very cool and also he is not a caster serpent. Dont know should I keep him, since I didint consider to tame serpent, my planed formation of pets was cat (BT for PvE, PvP), wolf (Deathmaw or BloodAxe Worg for raids) and boar/carrion (tank for dungeons, PvE, PvP alterantives).

Hunter’s pet earn a percentage based XP off of that the master earns, I think it’s 50% (could be less), so if the hunter earns 100xp the pet will get 50xp. This also means that rested xp bonus also increases the xp gained by your pet.

Many of you may think that, The Rake, Broken Tooth and Lupos, are godly beasts, but I’ll have to disapoint you; they are no different that their “normal” counterparts. Pet’s where normalized in patch 1.9 (or something) and since Classic is modeled after patch 1.12 it doesn’t matter if you tame a Rare version of it’s family it wont affect it’s damage, ONLY it’s looks.