The Bloodthirsty Title - Your Opinion

What do you think of it? what’s your opinion on it? Super curious

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Nothing Venthry related, I’m totally sure :eyes:
:drop_of_blood: :drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood:


I don’t like it personally, an easy achievement to get passively as long as you do enough bgs and it kind of makes you look like a pvp try hard compared to say a battlemaster title or any of the arena titles.

Oh c’mon now. Settle yourself down, Bloodthirsty and tryhard in the same sentence. Battlemaster hard?

Anyway, thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

It is a nice title.


I prefer the 100k one - of the Horde, I kind of think that one should be 250k and Bloodthirsty 100k.


I think it was perfectly suited for Venythr covenant :slight_smile:

For sure, I love the of the Horde title.

Oh yeah sure, I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s nice :slightly_smiling_face: Just that the faction one feels idk honorary? - therefore should be harder

(Not to mention it goes really nicely with your mog! So great pick for you.:vampire:‍♀)

I use “of the horde”, more proud of that, then “the bloodthirsty”. Never liked the title and i don’t use it.


For people who don’t know how to get “%s, the Bloodthirsty” title, it’s 250k honorable kill

My opinion is it’s a very cool title, it fit well a fury warrior or any melee , less for caster.

Like said Rhaeve

Of the Alliance is something i am more proud in term of faction and defending it.

But where it start to be interresting is if there’s achievement above 250k honorable kill and give something interresting.

Honorable kill is something that everyone that spam battleground/Epic Battlegrounds is attracted for.

But i would like getting more reason than the endgame title Bloodthirsty,
Something rewarding ( ok honor but above 500 no longer rewarding).

Like a set of transmog of class you hit on the character when you hit

  • 500 000 honorable kills ( tiers 1)
  • 1 000 000 honorable kills ( tiers 2)
  • 2 500 000 honorable kills ( tiers 3 incredibly badass, like something that show you are insanely dedicated to the class with 1 character ).

That would be amazing. So like not only gladiator mount and arena gladiator & title of R1 that give player recognition in the PvP in term of dedication.


I like that idea. @ Destrarion.


Good title to use on Fury Warrior.


It’s nothing special!

If they add 2.5 mil achiev ill quit instantly.


Does anyone even have 1 million?

Yep , and that is kinda awesome to see the ladder of people with Honorable Kills :


Wtf insane
I’m 4000th in the world, lol nice

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Damn :grinning:

The first guy being Russian makes the most sense.

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I’ve been running around with the Bloodthirsty title since 2013 when it did seem to mean more as so few around had it. Never occured to me to use it on Venthyr chars so many thanks for the idea!

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Severely outdated, we need a new one for 500k imo

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