The botting has gotten out of hand, and I'm on the verge of quitting because of it

I am a returning player after nearly 15 years, I left at the peak of WoTLK due to personal reasons. I picked it up again about 2 months ago.

I’ve really enjoyed it so far; I think overall Dragonflight is a great expansion. I

But fast forward to now, where I am spending a little more time on the auction house and with professions (to break up M+ and raiding content and not feel burnt out) - I am on a MEDIUM population server and let me tell you, there are some players (I’ve noted their names) who are farming the mining nodes 24/7. They’ve obviously figured out how to bot here. It just seems ridiculous to me that more cannot be done to deal with it. It really sucks the fun out of the profession and crafting side of things.

Same thing in the auction house, I see prices systematically being driven with the sole purposes of crashing the market, only to be bought again. It’s far too structured for it to be random or just coincidence.

I can’t be alone in the frustration that I am feeling, and I am genuinely thinking of quitting to play something else. This isn’t a threat or formal protest, it’s just so frustrating to see nodes disappear as I land on them. If I were on a full pop server - fine - I get there are lots of players farming, but I am literally on a medium (probably low) pop server. I barely see anyone in the cavern but somehow there are the same people mining every time I even consider doing it (once or twice a week for an hour or so).

This is truly ruining my experience now, to the point where I felt obligated to post here (don’t think I’ve ever posted here before). Cue angry loyalist gamer replies.


You can be assured that Blizzard won’t lift a finger, so if you are this close to quitting… Just quit. Find another game to enjoy.


So you came back after 15 years just to quit again because of bots?


Bots exists since the Vanilla, who can forget the hunters with pet names Bear Cat etc farm the Yetis in Winterspring?

The boosting ang gold selling was there since the day 1 and they exists in ALL games! You accept it and play with it or you can stop being a gamer.

Or, just play single-players games.

Try selling you wares on a Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. I heard from one of our guildies its more lucrative at those times.

In case you weren’t aware, much of the AH is region wide.


Auction Houses across all realms on a given region will now share commodity listings (gems, herbs, flasks, consumables, etc.). Items that aren’t commodities –- like armor and weapons –- will continue to be realm-specific.

So it’s not relevant to your realm population when it comes to things like it was in the past.

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