<The Bundle Krew> EU Frostmane Alliance

Hello everyone.
Are you looking for chill environment, yet stay abit competitive? We are the guild for you! Performance still matters, we are looking for skilled people. The leaders are ex-hardcore raiders. Sadly, we dont have time to fully commit to cutting edge raiding anymore, so we started new community for our purposes.

What you can expect? We are going to run:

  1. HC raids (smooth as much as possible with possibility to do mythic later, when HC is on farm)
  2. M+ high keys. We are very experienced in that from previous expansions aswell.
  3. PvP (RBGs, Arena)
  4. Farm / Boost runs for gold (for guild purposes, repairs, consumables, some gold giveaway to guildies in need)

Raid hours: Wednesday + Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 // M+ and RBGs Friday evening.

No application is needed, if you think you do match our goals, just contact us on Btag ShadowDragon#2140767 or whisper us ingame. Ketdinu-Frostmane / Feln-Frostmane.


Applied also have a 3 more well geared peeps form old guild all over 180 shadow prest ,ret pala and prot pala.

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