The Deeprun Tram

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You are right.
They changed it on last minute as it would be a little unbalanced faction wise to get from one continent to another on early stage of game, and for whatever else reason.


You just THINK youre going south.

While the North/South, East/West query is an interesting one, we should also be considering the other important question, where might those unused stations have taken us to. Are they request stop only, and we don’t know who to place the request with, do they lead to unknown, underground cities, or secret magical labs (knowing us gnomes, probably the later), have they been closed off for a reason, due to world eating horrors worse than anything yet seen?

What does lie beyond those unused stations?


Yes, unfortunately we left the digging to Dwarves and the Gnomish supervisor was sick entire week, so those shovelheads dug a tunnel to Stormwind on accident.
We would punish them, but they never came back and just chilling in Stormwind, drinking human beer. True story.


It was supposed to go to the Gnomish capital of Gnomeregan but then that got made into an instance instead, so…

Magnets. Gnomish ingenuity knows no bounds :nerd_face:


How do they work?!

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And how fast must it be running to make the trip in less than 1 minute!

As fast as a gryphon flies :slight_smile:

Is that an African gryphon or a European gryphon?


Funny … ? I do not know from which the Azerothian variety descended. Do you know? Then please tell.
I just wanted to say thar the time is the same whatever you go by Deeprun tram or buy a ride on a Gryphon. I can’t be the only one having timed this.

And is it carrying a coconut?

Incredibly naive point, why can’t the entrance portal take you straight to the exit portal in the other city?

If the Gnomes were to try and use portals in this manner, I highly doubt it would be certified as safe, even by their standards :smiley:

If their Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan is anything to judge by, the side effects of a mass transit system built off similar tech would be disastrous!


They don’t mind doing … disastrous things ! :slight_smile:

A mass transit system that connects all the cities, with a 50% chance of sending you to the one you want, the rest of the time it sends you to a random one, including the possibility of sending you to a city of the opposite faction. I could actually see that being very popular and well used for some reason.


Yes, for a…few times. After that, it will rage people off and they will use the flight points.

…or, ask a Mage!

It wouldn’t just be a chance to end up in the wrong place though, there’s be a chance you explode, turn into a chicken, launch into the air (not a good thing if you’re in a tunnel already), turn into your evil twin…
I forgot some of the other Engineering side effects :smiley:

I for one am glad the Tram exists, that’s never exploded on me… yet…
Aww now I’ve jinxed it haven’t I?


I couldn’t turn into my evil twin, I’m already her, I would have to turn into my exalted twin which would be far worse.

As for turning into chickens, or exploding etc, nothing to worry about, we can sort it out afterwards, death is just a minor inconvenience, now someone please pass the jumper cables.

Because horde can’t get from Brill to Oggy nice and easy like?

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Excellent examples of underdeveloped parts of the gameworld.

But let’s go off to Outland instead.