The defeatism has to stop

being in WSG, saying “lose fast” or “go next” should be bannable offence


If they stand afk all you can do is report for gameplay sabotage…

No WSG should be a banned bg it’s the most “shi"tty” bg out there like ffs even AV at this point is better

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If you don’t have any healers or dedicated flag carries, and the enemy has 2 priest healers and 1 dedicated flag carrier, it’s over.

You’re only wasting your own time at that point, and it’s in these scenarios that people usually want to get the game over with quickly to go into the next one.

It’s all about circumstance. However, if the teams look even and people still have a defeatist attitude, then that’s a problem.


People say that because WSG doesn’t have a timer and people aren’t going to waste their time by fighting a losing battle.

In a 20 minute timer, it would be more possible to win by managing to cap one flag and then spend the next 20 minutes on defending hard.

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Its simple; if you joined WSG you play to win. Anything else is griefing and gameplay sabotage

Absolutely brain dead take. Laughable.


Facts, i wouldn’t care about turtling for 20 minutes if there’s a chance we actually get a W out of it but most of the time its me sitting on roof solo kiting 4-5 of enemy team around the base while my team farms mid for 90% of the game ignoring EFC.

I cba to sweat trying to secure a win if my team aren’t gonna bother contributing to try help win the game. After 10 min of nothing happening i would rather go next and hopefully get a team that actually wanna play together and win the game. spending 10 mins or 45 mins, a loss is still a loss and a fat 0 rep.

Give a 20min timer and i will sweat every game we are 1 flag up regardless if my team actually play to win or not.

There have been games we’ve had 0 healers and won vs a team with 2 but its very damn rare that happens. I’ve been in more games than not with SP’s that don’t drop shadowform to heal when you are getting pounded by 3 people at the bottom of your tunnel when enemy has no flag and it would be a cap. Paladins that don’t freedom anyone but themselves ever, Or dispel disease and wonder why we get rotted by enemy SP every fight. Mages that never sheep people chasing you, or frost nova peel when whole enemy team is chasing you up tunnel. Rogues that sit in mid all game in stealth moving 70% move speed not connecting on anything let alone sapping a healer out of a fight. While enemy teams rogue camps flag room and stalls for reinforcements. Ask for help to pick the flag? no one comes. I’m expected to solo pick flag as druid vs rogue hunter and shaman defending. I’m not chugging consumes every time i pick the flag if my team cant be bothered to actually help at all.

If you are playing with people like this and enemy team have hybrids that actually heal the FC and snare/root/hard CC the chasers, Rogues that defend well, Team that responds to calls and have some sense of map awareness, you aren’t winning that WSG.

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So the people that sit in mid all game never push EFC or attempt to return the flag.
That isn’t playing to win so i can report them for griefing and gameplay sabotage?

you think everyone should be able to decide what are the conditions acceptable to try win? Or just a simple rule, play to win?

Completely agree. I miss the days before rbgs were introduced and metaplebs started crying to quit on first death. It just lowers morale and the rest of the group can give up because of one such mentally challenged individual. I’ve had comeback ABs that have overcome a 1000+ resource advantage for the enemy team, with such plebs crying on their first death at BS to “go next just lose fast”.

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stop giving a million scenarios. Everyone have different opinions about which games are winnable, therefore it must be a general rule - no griefing no throwing

A million scenarios? this is your average WSG bro lmao

Mostly alliance no ?

Have you heard about something called communication? You can collectively come to an agreement.

If only we did.

WSG’s main issue imo is that you get basically 0 reputation for playing a 1 hour game and losing. If anything, if they made the grind slightly more rewarding, I bet there’d be less “lose fast!” statements.

The most fun part about that is when you always go for EFC, and encounter druids holding the flag hostage by just terrain abusing.

Everything is a bannable offence within an automated ban system, just need enough people to report you

Yeah that is a fair point, but if he’s constantly going top of tunnel and kiting back up tunnel, you need to comm to your team to have someone wait for him to jump and stall so group can connect. if people are just trying to chase him without knowing the jumps and without comms is gonna be fighting a losing battle.

Either way i agree those games suck no one wants to be in hostage WSG for 40 min.

Just add 20 min timer and encourage people to actually play objectives.

maybe you should become a better flag carry, nobody says lose fast if u actually have a pro druid fc in the team

You are trying to punish players for adapting to a bad game mechanic
The problem is that people are forced to do BGs that they don’t want because unique rewards are locked behind it and the matchmaking algorithm allows for extremely unbalanced teams. That’s the issue that should be addressed, not the (often reasonable) player behavior in such situation

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