The Enhanced Level 70 Boost comes with Renown 20

I read somewhere that flattery was a common trait among sociopaths.

I wouldn’t know.
I’m a hermit. :crazy_face:

ROFL and that for 3 days Early acces wich there is NO M+, No Dungeons, NOTHING haha

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used the boost and got the renown buth cant buy anything from vendor

that’s even more pay to win than 3 days of early access with end game unreleased, y’all are absurd
Pay for skip whole open world of expansion lol, maybe they should introduce free mythic raid gear too with 20$+

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We’ve now deployed a fix for this issue, as well as a cleanup process.

Going forward, the bug should not affect anyone anew, and if you’re already affected, simply log out and back into the game on any affected boosted characters.

Thank you for your reports!

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You’re welcome!

Can you fix the color of my belt too please?
I’ve reported this one 20 times or so since Legion, but nobody seems to have noticed:

Thank you so much.

get out lol

cant confirm this still dosnt work, i logged in and got a achievment for rank 15, but not 20 and i cannot buy anything above rank 15, also loam niffen are rank 18 and i never got the 15 achievment

still doesn’t work for me

Not only does this not work for me,

I just now also lost my new storm gryphon mount / transmog / pet, and I still can’t buy anything from Renown Vendors.

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i can also confirm that i lost my mount/transmog/pet form the pre-order bonus.

i lost my mount/pet/transmog for some time, but now they are back, but still locked behind renown.

small note, i reached max renown with loamn niffen, i wanted to buy the mount but i’m unable to.

still broken for me too, hotfix didn’t work

Honestly, the early access for some isn’t a terrible idea, it spreads out that initial rush over a couple of days, possibly improving overall stability of the launch.

It does suck if you care about spoilers, since the early players will definitely be talking about what they’ve seen tho.

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still hasn’t been fixed btw.

If even Taliesin says it’s bad, then it’s bad.

it´s true though, what normal person would do boring stuff?

I´m not normal so i get the uh… shows his not normal card

Edit: Actually, normal people are the only ones that does what has to be done even if they don´t like it… i failed the normal test :grin:

In terms of a game; well… What’s boring for one person might be awesome for another person. That was my gripe with his statement. He was basically calling anyone who doesn’t like the content he likes ‘abnormal’.

Last time I checked; that’s not really a nice thing to do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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