The Frustration of Hunter in PvP (Vent Thread)

This is one of the few times I will ever write on a official forum of Battlenet or Blizzard.

This is a rage thread, cause I am trying to get this class to work in PvP settings where litterally microseconds changes the combat.

So far, it’s been the most frustrating PvP game since I played BBCF back a few years, where I am litterally screaming out loud yells of curses, unintelligble or right out painful shrieks from my experience.

Feign Death: We already know the pain and it’s so busted that our only reliable defense is the Deterrence that functions as it should, the delay is humoungous sometimes and sometimes fast, all from 0.01 react to straight up 8 seconds(So far documented) to get out of combat in PvE, which all can be ignored if the PvP person attacking has any form of macro knowledge straight up ignore the exit combat delay. (And sometimes in PvE it just straight up ignores you and 100% keep you in combat, EVEN if you’re 10+ yard away and without pet without resist)

Traps: The second most frustrating situations are when people run over your trap and nothing happens, running as in running on the ground over the traps, SEVERAL people even, At most I’ve seen 3 people run over the trap in quick succession without it ever breaking up, Freezing Trap especially. Each time you setup a thing perfectly to gain an advantage but the game completely ignore all the thought and plan you put into to current fight(Out of many fights per day mind you) and you cannot change the outcome of it without the game actually knowing wtf to do.

Aimed Shot: The bug where you take 8+ seconds to fire the aimed shot cause of the spell batching of the attack. Spell batch the Aimed Shot cast, spell batch the finished aimed shot cast time, projectile FLYING in the air spellbatch and then finally spell batch the hit confirm once the arrow hits the target. That’s 4 spell batch in a single active attack, and remember, our auto shoot has the same function as aimed shot, so this applies to this as well. Not to mention when you are PvPing, standing on a place against good PvPers without moving will cost you your advantage. And when you have a swing timer (Or Auto Shot Timer) you know the frustration of it being fulfilled AND should shoot, but you move as soon you see the meter fully bared and you see the word “Interupted” you get angry cause it was a huge waste of time with no reward for doing so.

Pet Ai: The pure FRUSTRATION of this (Since you one of the three classes who RELY on being out of combat to use some abilities), where the Pet AI is so stupendous that you have trouble controlling and telling it to their commands, such as Attack, Switch target, Using abilities (Like Intimidation which takes about 2-4 seconds to finally affect something in general making that skill useless within the game to time as a counter). The irregular behaviour of the pets if it breaks your own CC such as Scatter Shot or Freezing Trap which changes the whole outcome of being in control of the class.

The Deadzone: I get that the deadzone should exist, but when people are litterally hitting you in the face while you still shoot them sometimes due to the leeway of melee or positional lag can be really horrendously frustrating.

The Melee Leeway: This situation only happens against good PvPers, but when you put down a freezing trap, and they know and run around it while you are ALSO running around the trap, both going merry go around, yet they still hit you while you are on the OTHER side of the trap by a HUGE margin (We’re speaking 6+ yards), while they have 100% DPS uptime on you while not being affected by trap AND hitting you from the additional melee range after the first hit, is annoying as hell to the point that I am considering swapping class for PvP.

Frost Trap Possible Bug?: Been doing some testing on the Entrapment on Frost trap, and noticed that there may be a bug on yet another skill. If the Frost Trap is unleashed, you get roots sometimes, correct? However, if you die while the frost trap is still active, it doesn’t seem to root since you are dead, even if 40+ people run over it. Intended or not, if this Bug may be true, throw it in the bucket of mechanics that doesn’t work.

And it just keeps piling up, but these things alone has me enraged to the point where I finally write something of, even if ignored, no value outside of just venting at the enraged situations that keep on repeating every single day when I try to get a higher rank in PvP when in controllable 1v1 or 1v2 fights, since these are the moments when the mechanics either makes or break the class.

And thus I end my venting and I will keep playing my hunter, in hope that it once, atleast once in the future, gets an appropriate response or bugfixes.

Thank you if you read this, for anyone that knows these situations that keeps repeating the frustration of playing a hunter in PvP.

/Zuljanne from Earthshaker


mhm I dont have that much problems on my hunter. Trap is clunky yes but rest seems mostly ok. A glitch with auto cast is for certain there where it doesnt want to cast but its not that often.

So not sure what you mean with this thread.


A few of the video evidence of what I talk about

And many many many more.


The trap was abit strange but it’s known that stuff that moves fast won’t always trigger a trap . If he had used concussive . It would have triggered for sure.
And you are not supposed to use aimed shot like that Vs another hunter lol. Preferably you don’t use aimed and just use arcane shot instead . Unless you get to do a scatter hunter trap pet into aimed shot.

Moves fast = Running aka 100%/108% Movement Speed, 3 people, no activation while running over the object on the terrain that I put down to make them slow in place.

Aimed Shot has a pushback of 1 sec per hit if I recall correctly, Look how many hits he got hit by while the the opponent pet was frozen, and how many hits he took during the full duration of nothing happening.

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We already know blizzard is utterly incompetent when it comes to fixing bugs, but even worse they don’t even acknowledge all the issues. PVP is fun when you have warriors in your team charging in and you can safely multishot.

However as soon as a melee even comes near you’re basically dead due to stuff you mentioned…

The times I had my pet attack the frozen or scatter shotted targed is insane. Doesn’t help that the pet commands are delayed by up to 6 seconds.

This whole spell batching nonsense has to go


100% agreing with you dear fellow hunt.

I remember the days back in vanilla when I was standing in the middle of WSG waiting for a rogue to pop, or watching alone the alliances towers in AV. I was fearless to the melee classes. I won 80% of my fights against them because I had reliable spells, mastered them and never mouse-clicked anything during a PVP fight. It doesn’t mean that it was easy. You had to be a good player and a smart hunter.
Now its just the opposite and they keep telling its a normal situation.
Private servers offer a better true vanilla gameplay than official classic server because actual devs don’t understand how we were playing the game 15 years ago and introduced this spell batching which is in fact causing artificial lag that is ruining the hunters experience. You cant notice this if you are not an experienced hunter that played vanilla and then private server over a decade.

Telling that you have to fire scatter shot before FD-Trap to be sure to trap, is an incredible bullsh*t that is all over the place. When I read this on the forums I instantly know that the guy doesn’t know anything about the matter, or that he is just plain trolling.
A good hunter precisely made the difference by mastering the timing on those 2 spells, spreading them over their respective 30 seconds CD, which means that you had either one or the other available every 15 seconds. Never you were throwing them both at the same time other then to control a mob in PVE. If you were queuing both scatter and FD trap in a PVP fight, you were a terrible hunter and were guarantee to loose the fight against a good rogue on CD, which we are all experiencing nowadays on Classic, even on bad rogues btw. So frustrating experience


The melee range is stupid and insane, dunno if it is serverlag or just…stupid.


Oh right, another thing that happens quite a few times, please fix Flare so it reveals rogues, I don’t want to see any other Cheap Shot while sitting inside a flare recovering from a previous combat situation. What’s the point of flare if it doesn’t defend yourself from rogues that are trying to be opportunistic. It’s meant to counter their offensive stealth and cheap shot is far less range than a flare radius.


I’m guessing it’s a combo of spellbatching and meele leeway. Haven’t had the issue myself just yet but I’m guessing those 2 factors are the issue rather than a bug. Guessing rogues abuse this by using sprint before their stealth gets removed by flare.
Best way to counter this that I can think of is to always put a trap on your feet. So they get cc’ed themselves.
It helps to try to adapt do the situation at hand.

I share your frustration, especially with traps. I feel like Blizzard knew their behavior was going to be a major issue, hence they improved the activation range greatly. Aimed shot is completely unusable unless you can cast whilst not being targeted.

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Yep, it’s very frustrating and I share most of your sentiments OP. It’s been now 15 weeks Blizzard. Please fix hunter.


But asking for some fixes could trigger the #nochanges mob. Stay alert! :smiley:

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The same five guys sitting in a ring talking about how it was in the good old days?
You were never able to hold down r-click and FD-trap in vanilla.
It never happened.
They wont give it to you.
I’m sorry, for what its worth.

Vanilla Video.
Compare this to the current Classic.
Or the turn while dead at 7:1234:

2:25 on Private Server?

Or another example of a working FD, WHILE RUNNING IN COMBAT


You can say what you want, but all these clunkiness that the Spell batching does for hunters makes the class feel way more restrictive and unfriendly interface with the player.


I feel your pain. I actually let my 60 hunter go just because of the reasons you mentioned. Unsubbed aswell. I don´t see blizzard fixing the class, it has been too long now since launch and those mechanics are gamebreaking for a hunter in pvp. Hope Im wrong and that they will fix it though.


Yeah I still enjoy some aspects of hunter, but having this CORE mechanic half broken certainly isn’t fun. @Zuljanne: do you know if scatter shared DR with trap in vanilla? the trap right after scatter in classic lasts 8 seconds at most, I didn’t find a clear video of a full duration trap after scatter from the past to compare.

Let me see if I can find old Blizztag on the shared DR.
1.10 it was implemented, for some reason, that Wyvern Sting/Freezing Trap and Scatter Shot had same DR. Even though they are 3 different mechanics and schools.

Having the exact same problems. Hunter class is super bugged and memey in this version lol. I even had a warrior stop attacking me when he realized my trap failed. Blizz pls

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Yes this is very annoying. The main issue with hunters in PvP is the inability to trap people in combat using feign death trick; this bug has been reported ever since the launch in august. There was an attempt to fix it a few months back, which made it slightly better but it is still bugged.

Please blizz, at least you could say something about the matter.

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