The Frustration of Hunter in PvP (Vent Thread)

today i got meleed from 20+ yds away by a gnome rogue… fix this crap blizz it’s retarded

I just lost my Rake pet, Level 10 to Level 60 Pet over the course of a week, even though in PvP, they made the Pet “Happy” to function as a Hunter Class without losing 30+ Silver each death of the pet. And now my pet is gone due to PvP…

Pet shouldn’t dissappear since they made it that when you ress your pet will be in Happy status, gaining loyalty. That’s the very reason that we get the buff for our pets being Happy on ressurection on Graveyards.

IF WE LOSE OUR FRICKING PET IN PVP DUE TO THIS, F*** this class, we lose so much Gold already from Arrows, and now we gotta get food every frigging time the pet DIES?! IN PVP!? WHERE everyfrickingone kills the pet first!?

This class is doomed, DO NOT PVP AS HUNTER! It’s crap right through and is completely F*CKED!

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You didn’t mention most important bug for PVP. When you holding Right Click to direct your trap somewhere behind you or whenever enemy is on that moment trap will fail.

Here is my Video from yesterday that clearly shows bug, since BLizzard did not fixed this even after patch (expected).
So while am holding Right Click to choice direction of my trap it wont do anything, it wont even show animation of FD.
As you know it worked in Vanilla and worked also on any other expansion except Classic.
Macro is:
#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/cast [combat] Feign Death
/cast Freezing Trap
Next bug is if i am stunned and i holding right click to turn my char opponent direction it won’t turn my character even i holding right click, and bug looks like this:

This is problem of sensitivity, This is original Blizzard post:

The first issue is that Feign Death cancels when you move, including if you turn, and very often high-skill hunters are running from an opponent, turning to shoot behind them, and then Feign Death to drop a trap. It some of these cases, Feign Death is failing because the spell-cancel on turning is more sensitive in WoW Classic than it was in 1.12. We’ve tracked down why it’s more sensitive, and we’re testing a change now that relaxes the spell cancellation to make it less likely that you’ll inadvertently trigger this if you’re trying to stop turning to cast Feign Death. That said, if you continue turning after the cast, or keep turning during the cast, you can still cause Feign Death to be cancelled. This fix will go out soon as a hotfix. <

So they confirming this is BUG and trap should works while we holding right click as a direction of trap as it always worked in past and as every other class spell works on that way.Problem is they did not fixed problem on that Hotfix.

I posted it here:FD+Trap bug is not fixed.Holding right click bug but i have no one to talk about it, since 90% of Classic players can not even understand what problem is, that makes less chance to Blizzard to Fix it, since they do not care about few reports, they only care if big amount of players mention bugs and that is frustrating…
Worst thing is they realized where problem is and after Hot Fix game have same bugs.
However if they would fix Right Click direction of trap that would solve almost all Hunter pvp problems since it is most important thing to trap without scatter shot in some situations in PVP.
Since i had so much non sense comments on my bug reports in past , just in case i have Video that proofs my macro works perfectly and it is not macro problem:

I tested this and have same problem, Rogue sometimes Cheep Shot me in middle of Flare.
Another problem is Rogue can not escape of flare debuf even if he leave 10 yard of Flare spell, so he can not vanish even he leave spell impact area.

Your “Hold right mouse FD fail” is just another problem related to the FD combat removal delay. Please read carefully your own quote from Blizzard’s post. Right mouse turning counts as movement if not casting, thus causing FD to fail if used before combat drop. That’s it. They even acknowledged the bug and said a hotfix is incoming in that very same post, so why bring it up again?

Your second post is describing something that’s not a bug. Pay attention to spell tooltip of Flare. There’s a flare radius and on top of that another 10 yards as base distance of where flare’s debuff is kept active. Add another 5~8 yards from moving leeway mechanics and you have the explanation to your issue. If rogues leave this [flare radius]+10+5~8 yards from center of flare, the debuff goes away.

What you mean why bring it up again?Because it is not fixed after hot fix and after new patch yet?

I got it, it is about moving leeway mechanics, thx.

Working as intended bud git gud

This is literally joke,joke where we can not trap with holding Right Click and every other class can cast their spells while holding right click, this is shame.
Even spell batching coming in pulses while imitating Vanilla lag, it is not even constant so sometimes if you hit the right moment you will get trap if not there will be no trap since sometimes your FD will leave combat instant sometimes after 1-2 sec.
This server is LITERALLY joke.Instead joke we need serious server as Nostalrius was.

So about my pet leaving in PvP.
He left at Max Rank Loyalty of Rank 6, meaning that there may be a bug related to Pet leaving your even at Max Rank Pet Loyalty.

Another bug to the pot for hunters, Pet can leave at max loyalty, even if that is never supposed to happen.

I did a lot of low level dungeon farming with fd+explosive trap those last few days, where I could really observe what was going on (contrary to pvp where it is often too fast and hard to tell everything going on your screen)

Pet on passive, not using my mouse, no resist (it would show on screen)
and FD still does sometimes not work for absolutely no reason
Sometimes it takes a few seconds to activate (up to 2-3 I would say)

And due to spell batching, In pvp, that mechanic being so slow makes it absolutely easy for skilled players to entirely avoid it

I really hope for some further improvement by blizzard

its hard to take hunters complaining about pvp issues seriously considering you can literally 1-2 shot people at 30 yards… your pet literally can’t even get close enough for a single hit before you finish people off, and don’t get me started on feign/trap and scatter shot.
you have more than enough tools to deal with whatever adversity comes your way… literally your only weakness is your deathzone, and you got improved wingclip to help with that… so please… fewer tears now… you think you know pain? try being a melee class/spec in pvp.

Let’s say hunters do have alot of issues that shouldn’t be there.

How can you justify that “you are op anyway, leave the flaws”.

So, if something is broken but yet works to a certain point, there is no need to fix said issue? The hell?

the flaws make you semi-killable, thats why.
without flaws hunters would faceroll their keyboard and still win every encounter.

Didn’t answer the question tho.

If hunters are not the same as in true vanilla they should be fixed. Whether its op or not.

this is pretty much how i remember hunters in vanilla though… seems to me you’re just making things up in order to get a buff… you know what? i don’t remember stormstrike having a 20 sec cd and not procing WF after a wf proc.
we should get stormstrike CD reduced to 12 sec and have WF with no internal CD because that’s how i remember it. in fact WF should be able to proc more WF because that’s how it used to be…

see? i can do it too.

What a sad person you are.

Happy new years.


To Zmugzmug.
Lightning Bolt - 36 Yards (Can Crit)
Nature Swiftness/Elemental Mastery; Chain Lightning = 36 yards (Force Crit/Instant)
Frost Shock/Earth Shock = 20 Yards (Can Crit)
Congratulations, you just murdered any class if all 3 crits. And the best part, this works on all classes except Shadow Priest and SL Warlock, Hunters have to go through armor, spells does not have to.

This topic about “Can murder” is moot and leads nowhere.
We’re talking about mechanical challenges that are intended and NOT intended behaviour based on data from the past that’s been documented.

I’ve noticed it works slightly better in PvP now than before. It’s still very hard to trap melee, especially rogues, but it works better nonetheless. However, if you have a mob attacking you while trying to trap an enemy player, it’s near-impossible.

Yes but it makes sense . Hunter likes to solo people in world PvP . If hunter gets interrupted by anything it’s very annoying. As mob can hit the trap you just used on a warrior or a mob eats your trap that was ment for some1 else

Or even worse a random rogue pops in thinking he is going to save your day and ends up hitting the trap before I get to use bandage XD

Can’t you fix issue where hunter can not direct trap in direction where we want while holding right click, as every other class can direct spell while casting and holding right click why is hunter only class that have BUG and problem with hat?
Imagine Mage that can not change direction of Frostbolt spell with Right Click while some melee hit him from behind, wouldn’t that frustrate you?
Where to type and where to report and how many time we have to post to fix this MAJOR PvP hunter problem @Blizzard?We are not Majority because 90% hunters even do not using it so you can ignore us right?

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