The future of the Zandalari


So the Zandalari finally made it into the game, don’t know about the rest of you but I’m pretty happy with their lore and storyline. But what does the future hold on them? I for one can’t see them be happy about the peace at all seeing how the alliance killed their king, destroyed their navy and invaded their city.

Speaking of kings, their first king was resurrected by Zul and we never killed him. What will he do?


Considering Zandalar never officially joined the Horde as FULL member(Allies as equal instead), it is safe to say, politically, they have every right to just ignore that parchment of peace the mudhutz are working on with the humans. It is safe to say with the Forsaken army disbanding(Dark Rangers and Val’kyr went with Sylvanas), that the Zandalari kingdom is now the strongest single faction left in the Horde.

Forgotten. Like many other unfinished plots. So far. It is a shame since Dazar seems really cool.


Guys, the dude is a mummy, and he wasnt properly ressurected, more like Undeath of sorts.

Quote “I have resisted your Master whole my life, only for you to bind me to his will in Death! “

So, in death, pretty sure is nowhere near ressurected. He probably rests in Peace again after

“You have broken Zuls Hold! I serve that swain no longer”

As for the future of the Zandalari, I am sure it will be glorious with Talanji leading us! A fine leader! Zandalar forevah!


…Everyone has the right to ignore it, if they can. It’s just that this political decision would have severe consequences. Not only would they probably stand alone, the Horde might actually stand against them in this.


Then the mudhutz would finally show everyone how trash they are as allies. And that Sylvanas was actually right for once. Sounds good for me. Bring it on.


I’m pretty sure he got the full resurrection, like the thunder king.


I’m inclined to agree with this assessment. Even with the damage to the Zandalari navy, the Horde is too split right now, with too many leaders missing (as well as elite troops, re: the dark rangers), for anybody to reasonably oppose Talanji if she decides to seek vengeance.

Given the sort of peace which Jaina and Thrall are trying to seek in their unofficial capacities, I can envision Talanji being a great foil to Greymane when it comes to perpetuating faction conflict even beyond the end of N’zoth.


Source? Your opinion?

Causw I quotes the in-game dialogue that says “…only for you to bind me to his will in Death”.

Plus his model is basically a skeleton.

How did u reach ur conclusion?

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Must say that at this point Talanji has about every right to be as pissed as Tyrande or Genn.

I’m curious to know what reaction they’ll show her as having to this whole thing, but won’t hold my breath regarding a positive outcome, as Talanjis grudge is against one of the current writers favourites (Jaina).
And those that oppose her often are written into irrational psychos or have their hand twisted behind their back to the point they give up on it altogether.

For the rest? Yeah. Mechanics aside, the Zandalari shouldn’t give a crap about whatever the Horde has decided.
But…mechanics and ingame restrictions matter, so I’d say that they are quite dependant on Horde leadership and decisions.

Anyway, all of that is rather pointless. Of course they’ll grow amnesia and forget all about it. I mean, Rokhan was there when it all happened and he is already all onboard with the deal. Why would Talanji be any different. :roll_eyes:


The Zandalari aren’t exactly in prime condition either, though. They had a civil war that involved half of their leaders and Old God minions to top it off, they had costly confrontations with the Blood Trolls at their southern border, were successfully invaded by the Alliance, lost most of their fleet, their king oh, and even three of their gods (including the most powerful one). Alliance of Horde may be on their last legs… but so are the Zandalari at the moment.


The Word of Zul II
We awakened Lei Shen, the Thunder King of the mogu. He had been dead for many ages.

In doing so, I learned the ancient ways to return an ancient king to life, and learned how to control them.

Dazar will awaken soon, but you will not live to see it!

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Well You can help make at least a small difference. At least troll fans can’t say they didn’t try.

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Their main army is still quite formidable. If it required for Alliance to lure it out of the city.
So while they’re not at their prime they still possess quite a strenght.

They lost 3 Loas, but 2 returned to them (kimbul and Sethraliss). Talanji could also make a use of exiles from Vol’Dun.


I’ll not argue with you against trolls, there are walls that would be easier to budge than you on any point in that area, so… I disagree without qualification. :wink:

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Really dude?

I never denied that I am biased but how me stating the fact that they still have big enough army is an issue to disagree?


Absolutely, yes.

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Ooh yes. Fans from across several races have complained loud and clear about the sorry state Blizzard has left several races in (most Horde, but also some Alliance ones like Night elves).

But, yeah, writers have proven to have quite the practice on turning a deaf ear to all of it when it goes against their target outcome.

No negativity (*) in the Dojo.

(*) Negativity by Blizzard: Everything that questions any decision or plot written by their staff.

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But it’s different to post on PTR forums. And the requested change is not big we can still harass them before 8.3 is released.

At least I refuse to give up (yet). I’d still appreciate like and comment to bump the thread.


Do you always believe in 4chan leaks?

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Maybe I’m a bit more pessimistic, but I doubt Blizzard actually addresses the story in a way that I would find satisfactory.

…mainly because at this point, the only thing I’d find as such, would be for them to have Talanji avenging her fathers death and being signalled through the narrative that Jaina or the Alliance can be held accountable in a tangible way for what happened with Rastakhan.

It’s an uphill battle, compared to the tweaks that were already negated and that weren’t half as disrupting regarding the “meta message” Blizzard is aiming at regarding Anduin, Jaina and Peace.