The game feels bland


Ever since the first few weeks to a month of BfA, the game has grown more and more repulsive, frequently boring and tasteless.
The leveling was enjoyable, as it always is, along with the storylines, the scenery was marvelous and still is, yet everything else in the new continents is just…lacking.

Switching from class to class, doing emissaries and an occasional World Quest to a point where you get sick and tired and log off, but hey…need that gold from paragon boxes…so ye, whatever.

At one point even that becomes redundant, so you try looking for something new or refreshing , in my case, i resorted to my old habit of alt-oholism. Lasted for some time.

Come patch 8.2., new areas, new shinies. Fueled by the desire for that sexy
1-wheeler, ye, why not, camped for a week across several chars in 40-man groups, got the mount, got flying, and while still doing the WQs in the two new areas, i quickly began to question the point of it all…the rares don’t reward anything, the reputations have no value past revered.

Raiding is too much of a moving-target-dummy-button-mashing for my tastes, mythic+ would be good, if it was like challenge mode, and not an e-sport with a timer and the stress of it giving more PTSD than enjoyment.

This isn’t a rant, more of a story. Legion kept me busy and happy until the very end(except for the legendaries ofc), getting my artifacts and their skins, class hall stories, mage towers. Yet BfA in comparison feels so, should i say, dry…meaningless. There is really nothing to do in the world, nothing you would benfit from anyway. Heck, every expansion prior to BfA had something to offer me.

Even the classes are so tasteless, you enjoy em for a time but gets boring relatively quickly.

I don’t know, i love WoW as whole as i’ve been in it for nearly 15 years, it’s like a part of you, but finding something to do this expansion is a headache. So much in fact that lving 1-60 zones and killing boars has become entertaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d take a break from it personally. If you’re not enjoying doing something, ask yourself “Is someone paying me to do this?” if the answer is “No, I am paying to do this” Then just stop doing the thing that you don’t like doing.

I’d just cut WoW in general for a while, because if you find BfA bland, then you are going to utterly -hate- Classic. Go try a different game, different genre maybe, figure out what it is that is bland, but if killin boars in 1-60 zones floats your boat then…What can I say, WoW hasn’t changed that much at all. I just had to kill 12 Rays, just because…Sounds like a style of game thing. Give MMORPG’s a break for a bit, then come back refreshed.

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Don’t bother, it’s well known that bfa is a pure piece of sheet and a downfall of wow.

Every decision B makes only confirms the decline.

It won’t get better till 9.0 for sure, cause game requires a grand changes on core level, which in practice comes with new addons only.

The next one has to be an outstanding and “Shoot”. Otherwise the end is coming.


I figured it was fairly clear from the context of my post that this is more a matter of frustration than anything else.
WoW is the only game i care about, the only franchise that appeals to me to any degree, and high one at that. I have no desire to quit, i want to play, it’s simply frustrating that this expansion offers nothing of substance.

As i mentioned, in Legion i had something entertaining to do until its end, i never really got bored, tired or frustrated.


This is exactly how I feel about BFA. It felt ‘empty’ from the start, the feeling that Legion gave and still gives is nowhere found in BFA.


Well, that’s another way to put it.
Say what you will about Legion, you either loved it or hated it, or somewhere in between, but BfA really feels like a huge downgrade, and it’s not just because how senseless the whole Azerite system is.
8.2 brought a bit of fun, but was short lived.

The only positive thing about BfA compared to Legion is the numbers, damage/healing specifically as well as others, PvP being somewhere near ‘‘balanced’’ if you can call it that. That and the environment is more enjoyable than Legion, but that’s arguable.

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PVP is nowhere near balanced on medium to low pop servers, there all flooded with shard hoppers in roving ganksquads.


Well i mean mostly numbers-wise. Dueling is actually really good this expansion, instanced PvP as well, compared to the crapshow it was in Legion.

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The problem lies both with modern developers and dumb playerbase.

Gamers lost so many developers :
Westwood, Bioware, Firaxis, Activision, ubisoft, EA, valve - they are all dead for players.

Blizzard died last year.

Paradox is dying thanks to aggressive monetization policy.

What do we have left?

I don’t expect anything good from the developers outside CDPR, Obsidian, Rockstar, Larian and maaaaaybe Bethesda (trying to forget f4 & f76 trash).


It’s true that BLizzard is but a shadow of its former self, and has lost much of the playerbase, especially this expansion, for obvious reasons.
Still, Blizzard is releasing classic, so my hopes are they will do something about retail in the future as well. Hope dies last, as they say, given that i don’t care about Classic and would prefer the current game to be fixed.

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Even without established Activision control, the company had inner problems - 0 creativity.

This is the company of 3 (three) games:
Craft rts
Diablo rpg
Wow mmorpg (which is basically a synergy of the ones above, an rpg in craft universe)

That’s 2.5 - 3 games total.

Outside these they haven’t made anything at all.

Without creativity they’ve just cornered themselves. With years they’ve transformed from the developers into polishers.

And now they have only two cash cows left - wow & hs. That’s why they are so desperately want to monetize currently dead Diablo, both on mobile and d4.

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I wouldn’t call paradox dying. In terms of there in house games they deal in extremely niche and complex strategy games that make total war and civilization look like puddles to the oceanic depth of complexity they have and a diehard fan base willing to play games over 5 years old that are still receiving updates and paid content. They found a market that prefers gameplay over graphics and catered to it. The only big flop they really have had is Imperator:Rome and given CK2 is now near 8 years since release and got a large content patch earlier this year adding a whole new start date I very much doubt I:R will stay in its botched and bad release form. You are comparing apples to oranges here .

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Unlikely, too many dlc (especially trash ones) and a recent cr.ap - imperator Rome are good reasons for my statement.


CD project Red.
Vodka + Slavic magic - SJW terror = good game, big money



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They are already mentioned.

For SJW we have a proper place - GULAG.


So it’s unhealthy to confirm that point or what?

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Yeah you fundamentally misunderstand the paradox playerbase, there hardcore strategy gamers. They don’t care about much other than depth of game play why else would £200+ of DLC over an 8 year development and support cycle be even remotely feasible if they were not providing content people considered worth the price tag. We are not talking about mainstream games here were talking about a niche market where its profitable to develop 12+ expansion packs over a decade.

Paradox is exploiting a very small base that’s willing to play games nearly a decade old and is hyped by each expansion. That’s pretty impressive when the industry standards for single player games is milk as much money in the first few moths as possible through P2W microtransactions and lootboxes before dropping it for the next release.

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Yes, they are making loads of dlc, many of which are overpriced (for the provided content) and considered by playerbase as charity.
And that’s instead of micro transactions.
Different method - same result.

Imperator Rome released absolutely empty in order to add another gazillion dlc.

Thanks, but no.

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You are not the intended market, so why the hell are you even passing judgement?

Also you calling it overpriced is a subjective judgement YOU are making here.