The ganks.. Oh the ganks

Guess I’m stuck here on a pvp realm now that I got to meet so many nice people that I play with, and I like ZT overall, oh except for, the alliance ofcourse…

Although the urgue to go to a pve realm has really started coming as of late. I think the lack of content and the transfered alliance (from horde dominated servers) has left our alliance side looking kinda bad.

Continiously locking down FP’s, ganking in major cities, safespotting in inns. I mean, come on guys. I don’t understand what you get out of it? It makes the game such a worse experience for many… And the fact that it’s a regular thing ALL THE TIME.

No one is gonna care, and it’s been said so many times before… But Really, is it really necisarry?

Stop being such pricks, please? Hugs and kisses.

Brother of the Horde,

We will not bow down to the smugness of the so-called “Alliance”. They do not wish to negotiate fairly, the time for that has long passed, and this is coming from a Tauren… I’d want peace at ANY cost.

Pick up arms, take back what is rightfully ours. The beat of war has only just started beating… will you flee in fear, or fight for what is right?

For the Horde!


You lost this battle by your attitude, crying on forums. You do not deserve peace or our love. You need to be ganked, farmed and camped. You are crybaby and not true horde. Thats why We Great and Shiny Alliance will forge you into new Horde, so we can have trully real and honorfull enemy. Enemy that is worth to stand agaist us.
The enemy who we might consider to be equal, and who knows… to stay by our side agaist greater danger threatening Azeroth in far future.
But till that only war shall remain.


The horde on ZT can have big talk of fighting back but their efforts amount to nothing. Sure, they can gank a couple of levelers and dispel or kill people who are unwise enough to go out in the world with worldbuffs alone, but all their guerilla efforts can be easily stopped by a little organisation on the alliance side. We went into Mulgore with 2 raid groups this week, and had absolutely no difficulty in getting fully worldbuffed together.

Calling people in forum pricks makes me understand why certain stalkers pick on you. You can bet that crying on forums only will make more of them to stalk you and kill you. You dont understand to that mentality, because if you could you would never come to forums to complain about it. There were thoussands people like you and nothing has changed. No matter you are on RP realm.
But keep trying. And be sure there are always some consequences to your actions. Your posts also trigger some, but not that ones you wanted.

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You clearly don’t read what I try to push or purposely try to misunderstand. The pvp is not a problem. The griefing and lockdowns are. And I’m not even really mad, I just find it unnecessary and fail to see what enjoyment people get out of it, if you do not have issues IRL and lash out on random people online. I guess there’s always gonna be people like that, hence my first post. I’m just tierd of it.

If people stalk other’s cause they are concerned about the state of a realm they really have problems. And no, no one has stalked me, that have never been a problem. We’ll see.

And yes, the behaviors above I’d put under the category “being a prick”, at least stand up for it. Doing things like I mention is purely for the point of being as annoying as possible, hence “Prick”.
Yeah I knew writing this post that some people might get triggered but I took the shot cause I’m so damned tierd of the problems I explained. Well, done is done. The problem still persist, however many posts there are about it. I do not ask for peace and love, I want to be able to play the game I love, with the added tention of pvp… - BUT, without people taking advantage and destroys the game for one faction. I don’t know - perhaps that is a strange opinion?

But talking to the likes of you, I might aswell smash my face in a brick wall. So no thanks. I don’t know if you’re trolling or not. But I at least hope some people are getting what I’m on about, maybe not. /sigh

You will die and you will like it. Also you’re part of a guild that does the very things you are opposing with your statements.

Get friends or (and still) get stomped.

Dude you miss the point. There is like tens or even hundred people like you on this realm being ganked or corpsecamped. But we see only few complaining about same issue all the time. What remianing poeple do in such cases different?
Either log off and wait.
Either call friends and gank their gankers.

What you think you gonna change with your way? Go play retail and sit in major cities and wait for your ques pop up without need to get outside to open world. There is safe spot for such like you. G O R E T A I L.
If you dont know how to fight back scums dont play on pvp server even if is tagged RPeee.

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Oh well, if the griefing and lockdown continues, I guess that’s what a pvp realm is all about. That wasn’t the case in vanilla, especially not on RP realms, what I can recall hence why I even wrote a post.

I’ve tried to explain to the best of my ability the problem here and if you do not see it, then enjoy a dwindling horde population, especially once transfers becomes a thing. It should concern you! We all want the same thing in the end I think? I recon the griefing/exploiting/lockdown side of alliance is a small procentage? Innit?

I’m trying to be real here and the “Fight back like a man kekek” thing doesn’t work. I’ve tried it tons of times. Try to roll horde here and there’s 5 rogues in BB inn just killing everything on sight… And a horde side where nobody can bother anymore, cause retaliation will only lead to a couple of raids worth of alliance showing up and there’s that, end of fun.

I will never give you what you’re after, not on your terms of destroying the game for one side. I hope to see you on fair grounds out in the world so I can kill you, not hiding behind the unbalance of the game.

That’s everything I really have to say I think and I will not write anything more in this post. Thank’s to those who took the time to read what a concerned member of the horde thinks.

There will always be people with the pure aim to destroy the experience for others, but for you who are not totally sociopaths, please think of the long term consequences of your actions.

  1. Pure vannila experience not being ganked,corpse camped or griefed is so desillusion from person who either played on a dead server or played horde side which was heavily outnumbering alliance on every vanilla server. If no such case of those two validate for you then you pinky colour your past memories.
  2. Horde transfered mostly out of here because many of them wanted pure retail experience on heavy horde populated servers. So they trasfered(rorolled) especially during phase 2 like chickens to servers where they could do the same ganking as alliance did. Excuse for being underpopulated on this server was silly excuse to feel better for doing so. Since horde were in enough numbers here to do whatever they wanted when we compare same numbers to old vanila servers able to carry much less players.
  3. ,Destroying experience of other players’’… What else to say. Like camping and griefing is prolly not ethical for RP server, but its not common banable for many reasons. Only bannable and forbiden is using safe spots for ganking, in some cases and if ever one bothers to report it.

Also sociopaths are also allowed to play this game no matter what you think of them. And its their right to play this game as they want, even if you dont like the way they play it. Its better in general society that they sit here and do not damage in real world. So dont complain about them in game. If they do something too harh they always get banned so I dont see problem there. If you think that someone should be baned just for farting at your corpse then you probably should try see how would server look after such strict bans.

Also my own PVP or WPVP experience on this server is pretty fine. Because I don’t see ONLY griefing or corpsecamping players. I see players attacking when enemy is in disadvantage or some hardtrying to trying rng luck. But I fail to see that only griefing and camping is PVP experience on this server. All it is that you are just desperate to picture situation worse than it is.
You wanted less pvp you should go PVE server and RP there.

I pretty much agree with your original post how people SHOULD behave in common RP-PVP server. But I see many of your arguments agaist it like pure desilusions, also pretty much dislike your QQ attitude about it.

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Ok so my last post now for real since I think this conversation has lead as far as it can and will amount to nothing more than repetition. I feel I need to explain (again);

I don’t care if someone kills me and do a /spit emote which you try to imply. Come on man, don’t do that. I’m talking about stuff that ruins the game for alot of people (locking down FPs, major quests hubs, expolating safespots or gank in cities.) Ganging up, occasional camping or attacking in disadvantage comes with the pvp. Read what I write instead of making conclusions.

Yeah, we had problems back in vanilla too, but somehow the amount of ill will and pure desire to make the game a bad experience is more prevalent this time around.

Yes, the post is rather QQ and the response here kinda makes it worse. I am concerned about how this all will evolve. I’m mostly tired of the situation and might come off as a little spent perhaps. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that, or should you always just act up like a 15 year old and say “yo’ momma” instead? That’s not me as a person.

What I hope that any Ally reading this will take down is: Please don’t endorse behaviors that ruins the game for the horde. Try to avoid it. The consequences are already here and it will get worse. That’s it.

It was much MUCH worse in vanilla.

At least on the properly populated servers. Every 20+ zone was a genocidical gorefest vetween both players at the same levels and higher level players. Part of the game. Fight back with numbers or run elsewhere in the world like some cowardly maggot. Weeping about it is pityful.

And I pity the fool!


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