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Echo Isles Offshore Bank: Horde
Type of guild: Light RP, excuse to wear a fancy tabard.
Website and/or forum thread: Sorry, we’re far too busy for that. Work, work!
Ingame contacts: Any member can invite once they’ve been promoted to Employee by the guild leader when she’s on, so just look for someone online to join
Introduction: Are you a hard working financier, treasurer, or inventory management professional? If so, <Echo Isles Offshore Bank> is the place for you!
Guild for bank alts.
Posting as my main because low levels can’t, and we’re all low level! }:O)

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Great initiative thanks for this work :blush::+1:

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Guild name: The Owls
Horde or Alliance: [A]
Type of guild: RP, PvE, social, friendly
Ingame contacts: Faei [G], Andarand, Daisy, Kawen, Linthiael, Valroy, Verenna, Zhulin [O]
Introduction: We are a social leveling guild recruiting members who wants to have fun while leveling. We don’t have cake anymore, but sure do have some chatty helpful guildies! Join us by whispering anyone in the guild, and see you in game! hoot

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Casual Adventures:, Echo Isles Offshore Bank and The Owls have been added!


Guild name: The Expedition
Horde or Alliance: [A]
Type of guild: Raid
Website and/or forum thread: Interviewing room discord at and forum thread at Hydraxian Waterlords - Casual raiding guild recruiting [A, weekend]
Ingame contacts: [G] Thornvine, [O] Jocelyn, Cel
Introduction: The Expedition is a casual raiding guild focusing on weekend evenings (Friday/Saturday). We are a diverse group of people, with different nationalities and cultures, various age and gender groups. Some of us are vanilla veterans, some never played classic and some are looking forward to experiencing WoW for the first time.


The Expedition was added!

Wiki posts may be the answer to your problems, but require a silly amount of forum grinding to create.

If I have done this correctly, you should be able to edit this post of mine.


It seems like I can!
That is really a valuable resource there, I’ll have to dive into that some more when I have the time. Very much appreciated!

No longer exists, forgot to mention it.

Could you specify what exactly no longer exists?
Edit: I’m assuming you mean the guild ‘Forest of Elwynn’?

Oh, yes. Forest of Elwynn. Apparently, putting it in < > causes it to disappear. x. x

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Listed as inactive. Thank you for the update.

Guild name: The Hungering Cold
Horde or Alliance: [H]
Type of guild: PvE
Website and/or forum thread:
Ingame contacts: Sekrarch [O], Kavito [O]
Introduction: The Hungering Cold is a guild with history on the Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP. Some of the core members are still around and we aim to be a top raiding guild on Hydraxian Waterlords.

Thank you for listing your guild. However, that’s 752 characters on the introduction, kindly cut it down to 350 characters.

sorry. edited now.

Thank you. The Hungering Cold has been listed :slight_smile:

Please will you update our entry as below as the character names for Officers have changed and I have an alt which I play quite frequently now:

Guild name: The World Tree
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: Heavy RP
Website and/or forum thread: theworldtree. enjin. com
Ingame contacts: Guild leader - Faewen/Elrienne / Officers - Jaëlla/Marigolde/Goldelock
Introduction: Citizenship Guild based in Darnassus, we are a RP Hub for ALL Races/Classes residing, working or traveling through Elven Lands. Guild is OOC, we RP as Citizens of Elven Lands but we do have IC groups such as Sentinels, Temple & Druids etc.

Guild name: The Mindless
Horde or Alliance: [H]
Type of guild: Social, leveling, raid
Website and/or forum thread: None as of yet
Ingame contacts: [G] Firehazzard, [O]: Kreba, Mutedminx, Korenn, Lightjaw, Feeltheheal, Moradina
Introduction: We are mainly a social guild, who help each other out with quests or dungeons etc. We have started teaming up with other guilds to start the raiding scene too

Guild name: Lordaeron
Horde or Alliance: [H]
Type of guild: RP (and leveling/pve)
Website and/or forum thread: None
Ingame contacts: Altenstein (interim guild leader)
How to Contact: Send an in-game letter to me or poke in /w if I or one of the others are online.
Introduction: Roleplay guild focused on Forsaken characters who still hold on to the ideals of former Lordaeron rather than forgetting and being only Forsaken. We aim to be roleplayers first and the other stuff second. Common sense and maturity is expected.

Blue Turtle Cult
[H] Social, PvE (hoping to add raid in the future), light RP
Ingame Contacts: For more information, whisper Rodyn [G] or Strongmane [O]. Any member can invite though.
We’re a bunch of perfectly normal people, looking for people to do quests and dungeons runs together, even do some pvp and eventually we’d also like to get into raiding all the classics. We’re aiming to have a casual atmosphere, if you want to join in everything we do: great! If you only want a place to chat: also great!