The Humans in the Alliance hold too much power

They basically absorbed every other race in the “alliance” under their banner.
They managed to fool the other races into following their “military rank” which is now inherited.
Other races are donned in their official Stormwind armour.

What a disgrace, this isn’t an Alliance anymore. This is just a monarchy. But instead of Anduin being bound to Stormwind and governing them, he’s governing the entire Alliance.

The other races should revolt, but I don’t think the writers care much about politics within the Alliance…

I think the Humans are a staunch force, and ofcourse, I don’t mean to downplay their stance within the Alliance, but this has to be said. The Humans are a strong race and I don’t think that Human players will mind it if they shared some governing with the Dwarves again…


Yeah, it really is a disgrace.

I wonder what Tyrande is doing…

No. Leave revolutions to the Horde. Don’t transform Alliance in to the Blue Horde.

P.S. But I do agree that Blizzard forgot that there is such race as Dworfs…

The Alliance is already the Blue Horde, sadly.

The Warchi… High King rules as an absolute monarch and even rulers and civilians of other nations call him “My King”, just look at Jaina and Genn or the dwarves and elves that call him such.

The High King decides not only military matters but apparently research matters too (Azerite research anyone) and they even overrule the leaders of foreign nations when commanding their forces (Varian and Tyrande).

So yes, the humans and the human High King holds too much power over the other Alliance races.


Get rid of the factions, problem solved. Not that non-humans will get more story thn, but they won’t be part of the human story as much. I see that as a win.


“This isn’t the Alliance anymore.”

False. Humans have always been the central race of the Alliance.

The bulk of the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed by the Seven Human Kingdoms. Lordaeron was the most powerful nation in the old Alliance as well as its capital. Lothar, Turalyon, and Terenas were its Supreme Commanders/High Kings.

The modern Grand Alliance was formed by Stormwind, which has always been its central leading force and strongest nation, as well as the glue that keeps the various races together (humans literally have a diplomacy skill passive). Hence why the seat of Wrynn has traditionally been the meeting place of the Alliance High Command.

Nothing has changed, you just weren’t paying attention to the story.


I don’t know why people assume this is the case.

Throughout WoWs history, the so called totalitarian regime the Horde was ruled by, has had its collectives sticking out their finger towards their leader and opting to do their own thing, more times than the Alliance factions ever did.

Honestly? More like equating both as acting similarly, i’d say that the Horde has always behaved as an alliance, whereas the Alliance behaved as the faction with the centralised ruling body.

You know the game theme was/is and always be hoomans VS orcs.
It makes sense hoomans rule the alliance :confused:

It’s quite simple, Blizzard has to move out of the human POV in every cutscene, cinematic, city hub, etc… they are super plain and boring in any fantasy setting. With the High king thing debunked, it falls down to presentation.
Blizzard does not even need to provide lore, it is just a case of “show don’t tell.” Have us look at things through Velen or Moira instead of AnduinAnduinAnduin, or centralize hubs in Ironforge? allow players to activate Warmode in every capital city…small steps to break out of the boring humans.

He does not govern the Alliance. And I agree that was the stupidest decision they made because they needed to be lazy. They now can show you Anduin and in your mind, you associate the entire Alliance. It is not that simple for the Horde despite figures like Thrall and Sylvanas.

Tyrande is pretty much the only voice of reason, the other races just bow their heads and comply. One of the easiest ways to spot how different the Horde and Alliance are in the 2 4th war epilogues. The Horde one features a collaboration between all the races, everyone speaks, voices concerns while in the Alliance epilogue everyone nods like puppets with the exception of Tyrande and Genn who point to the absurdity of Anduin’s decisions.


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It’s not quite clear where will the story of this “high king” go, but the original idea behind it was different.

gl hf

The story is focused on straightforward character-drama now, preferably drama that can be packaged in a few overhyped cinematics. That works well with a leader making hard choices and being tortured by them. It doesn’t work well with council decisions, where the drama is much less personal and more political.

That’s why the Alliance has a single leader now. And that’s why the Horde council will either still be lead by single voices, or the Horde drama will be dead as long as it exists.

Concerning humans specifically… well, humans weren’t just the one race the Alliance was build around, they are the only race the main Alliance aestetics actually fit. We start with knights and castles, and in the Alliance that’s humans and no one else. They could change that, of course… but why would they, considering humans are also the easiest characters for writers to relate to, and the common ground between all players? It’s the easy choice, if you are looking for characters that might have broad appeal.

Ah bloo bloo.

I remember the days of vanilla-wotlk where each Alliance race had unique representation to the point they each had a dedicated base in Outland and Northrend


Stormwind is the high seat of christianity in the world of azeroth, and that comes from the blizzard employees fanatic christian view in the world of earth, thus druidic and shamanistic cultures arent welcome into stormwind society, but monks are welcome, and satanists

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