The inescapable Maw

We escaped this prison once through chance, great.

Then we go back and bust out a prisoner from the inescapable tower of this inescapable prison.

Then we go back and do it again.

And again…

Often through the same wayportal we left…

I know its a fantasy game and we and the other important Npcs all have plot armor but Blizz at least put some effort into the writing and come up with some new ideas of how we can keep going back and escaping that inescapable place.

At the very least put down some guards and/or traps around that waystone so at least we know that you/the Jailer is trying.

Its like escaping from a maximum security prison, then going back the next week busting out a prisoner, then going back another week later busting out one more etc…

Am I the only one who is annoyed with this part of the story?

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Im suprised that the Jailer does not use a way portal THAT HE KNOWS WORKS as a tool to invade Oribos.

Terrible writing.

What Blizzard should have done is put a time limit of say 30 minutes that you can reside in the maw before you are hunted down by the Jailer and everytime you try to use the way portal you have to fight an elite add + that you have to defend the way portal against Jailer minions trying to use it.

Ye anything along those lines.

Anything but Ok, I know that there is a portal leading out of my prison that (later multiple npcs use to escape too), but I pretend not to care about it, not even have it surrounded with some guards or something.

Its like the prison guards discover that there is a hole in the prison that prisoners can escape through and just say Oh thats fine, few prisoners escape through it now and then, I guess we can just pretend it doesn`t exist?!

I mean cmon Blizz…

That waystone only is active when PC is in proximity. And thats how we have saved others, by weirdly attuning to us.

But yeah Maw feels like a disappointment. Waystone being on a safe spot and quite easily soloable zone.

Initially I anticipated that place to be full of Elites - a group content with a timed access, before we get overwhelmed or even Waystone being active for short amount of time. Torghast to have a walking distance - not a portal.

There’s nothing about the zone that feels dangerous - just tedious.

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