The Irony of Honor

It’s a bad sign when a person gets confused between reality and a game… seek help.

Huh, I didn’t know there was an actual term for that kind of morbid curiosity.

Oh ive been violated this way five times this week. This is a normal player behavior,not just horde :slight_smile:

In GTA you do that to NPCs or as you stated to yourself, in an MMORPG, PvP you do that to REAL people, there’s a big difference and I feel you might be a sociopath so that explains why you can’t see that difference.

There’s more ways of hurting each other, not only physical ways.

Just because you keep killing a mob over and over again you are not hurting it, but do that to a player and surely he will get frustrated after a while, even more if it is an unfair situation that the game let’s you do even rewards you with in game points called honor, but since you are hurting another human by unfair PvP you loose real life honor.

Decent people understand this and sociopaths do not. :grinning:

Regardless it is a game and all who choose a PvP server should be aware that all that can happen on a PvP server will happen on a PvP server so I’m not talking about the game mechanics or rules.

I’m talking about honor.

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If they get frustrated, they caused the frustration to themselves by choosing a game mode that they didn’t actually want. These players don’t belong on PvP realms. Player honor is only relevant if rp’ing PvP, and how many do that?

I already hit R14 in real life, all my real life friends and family know I’m Grand Marshal, so honor in real life doesn’t matter anymore, just doing it for fun.


The problem is most of those bullies see pixels on a screen, and choose to conveniently ignore that there’s a human being controlling those pixels.

Only kills you can get probably😂


i must try that lol

the chicken escort quests are nice too. once i caught an elf while finishing it XD

Oh, look who’s back! The dude with a crush on me! :wink:

A human being that requested PvP and then cries when it happens? What kind of person is that.

Learn the difference between a game and reality.

You are completely missing the point here mate. You are talking about ‘actual people’ playing the game, and that I would hurt them if I’d gank them a few times. Come on dude… You must be trolling. It’s a video game. It doesn’t hurt me when I get ganked, I might find it annoying or frustrating, but that’s just a part of life man. You can get frustrated at school, annoyed at work or by your wife, you can be annoyed or frustrated about other games when you fail to beat a boss for 20 times in a row.

If you can’t handle that, don’t play PvP games. Don’t go to school, don’t get a job, and don’t get a wife or gf.

Another thing you missed here is this: I don’t enjoy killing people in real life, because it’s permanent and it’s actually hurting someone including families, friends, etc. I DO enjoy killing people in WoW. Why? Death is not permanent, nobody is actually hurt, no burial, no crying family, hell they don’t even know you died 5 times in a row because you got ganked. Nobody really cares man.

It’s really special how you can not understand this. You must be some green leftist socialism antifa dude.

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You really don’t understand this. I don’t act like it’s just pixels, I’m extra aware that there is a fellow human behind those pixels, and that’s why I enjoy it the way I do. I’m hoping that they go mad and throw their mouse at the wall after I’ve camped them 6 times. Why do you think that people camp other players instead of mobs?

The whole reason that ganking is fun is BECAUSE you realize you are screwing someone digitally. And it’s extra fun to see that they alt+F4 after a few ganks.

And also know that I barely do this. Costs too much time lol.

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You say:

Then you say:

…and you still think you are not hurting anyone! :grinning:

A true sociopath! :laughing:

Nope, you are the one who still doesn’t understand.
You are still missing the point of the whole post! :grinning:

It’s not honorable to gank someone low on healt fighting a mob.
It is simply something you can do because the program let’s you.

So even tho you get rewarded for doing something like this with in game honor.
You loose real life honor as a human being for being a pathetic a**hole for doing it the easy way instead of the fair way.

That is the Irony I’m talking about and you are the one who brought up all that GTA and hurting people sh*t! lol :laughing:

How is he hurting them? If they get mad that is 100% on them.

So you say that hurting others without physical contact is not possible, since he is not directly interacting with their bodies.

So if let’s say you have a sister and other people mess with her online and she kills herself you are not going to blame anyone other then your sister.

Ok, you are one heartless monster that is for sure! :grinning:

You are confused, this is a game. When you can’t tell the difference, means you need help.


Was about to say lmao
Op: its a game, doesnt have much to do about ingame

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Well I never said it’s honorable… I totally agree with you here. I don’t gain but I don’t lose ‘real life honor’ from doing certain stuff in a game. My real life honor comes from being a loving partner for my gf, a good and loyal friend, a productive person at my job, being there for the people I love.

Me being a **** in a game doesn’t change that.

If you get hurt in real life (mentally) from being ganked in WoW you are pathetic.

They should call it no-life-retarded-scum points and not “honor”. There is nothing honorable in grinding for 18 hours a day for 3 months just to show off. And there is no honor in killing lowbie players who try to finish a quest.

They should make a new way to farm honor. 1on1 duels with players of same level, so that both agree and honorably fight to their death. Not being interrupted by 2-5 other players.

Or if a paladin gives his life to save his companion who is about to die. That is an honorable deed. Not smashing brainlessly everything that moves that has red letters over it.