The Irony of Honor

Was about to say lmao
Op: its a game, doesnt have much to do about ingame

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Well I never said it’s honorable… I totally agree with you here. I don’t gain but I don’t lose ‘real life honor’ from doing certain stuff in a game. My real life honor comes from being a loving partner for my gf, a good and loyal friend, a productive person at my job, being there for the people I love.

Me being a **** in a game doesn’t change that.

If you get hurt in real life (mentally) from being ganked in WoW you are pathetic.

They should call it no-life-retarded-scum points and not “honor”. There is nothing honorable in grinding for 18 hours a day for 3 months just to show off. And there is no honor in killing lowbie players who try to finish a quest.

They should make a new way to farm honor. 1on1 duels with players of same level, so that both agree and honorably fight to their death. Not being interrupted by 2-5 other players.

Or if a paladin gives his life to save his companion who is about to die. That is an honorable deed. Not smashing brainlessly everything that moves that has red letters over it.


True. But… Acting in a bad manner in a game tells a lot about you rl… So game or not, it is where you have no constraints where you show your true self. Not the cover up real life version.


Who cares? Stop crying.

Why is it so different compared to say, Counter Strike? Or Battlefield, or League?

Those are PvP games and its your own choice to play it. If you get owned in a game of CS you chose to stay or leave.

Same goes for WoW. When I’m solo farming Winterspring or any other place and I get ganked by a kill squad of 6 hordes who jump me when I’m farming a herb it annoys me. And yeah it’s frustrating to be ganked two times by them (especially when it’s a long corpserun). But besides that I’m fine. I don’t cry about it. I bubble and hearthstone or wait until they leave and then hearthstone.

I mean come on, what are we talking about?

Don’t play it if it hurts you this much.

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We are talking about definition of the word “honor”. You are the one who seems to be “crying”, being all defensive about it.

But why I am even bothering to write this… we don’t even communicate in same frequencies.

name of the game is world of WARcraft. its about two factions that are in WAR… there is no honor in WAR.
people cry that retail world doenst feel dangerous enought and now when world feels actually dangerous people still cry can blizzard even win in this ?

its RPG about war reroll pve if you cant handle pvp

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At least I’m not trying to dodge the discussion by semi-insulting you.

I’m not saying it’s honorable what I’m doing. Like I said earlier, I agree with that. But I’m also saying it’s not dishonorable in a real life perspective as well. It’s just me making use of the game mechanics.

If you dislike this, quit. At least I’m enjoying it either way, most of you cry babies don’t.

There is always single player games like Truck Simulator for you pussies.

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This is EXACTLY what it is.

It’s hilarious. People go play a game called World of WARCRAFT and join a PvP server, and then cry their lungs out here on the forum about real life honor that is or is not achieved in the game by ganking or not ganking other people… Apparently people’s feelings get hurt on the way, and not caring about this (because it’s a game) means you’re a sociopath.

Just… insane.

Like I said earlier: gtfo and go play Truck Simulator.

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Killing someone’s character A few times is a lot different than hurting someone’s real personality and talking down on them.

Even if that happens to your little sister, you can block those people online and regarding WoW it’s really easy. You pay for a certain experience, you can actually stop paying and go do something else where your feelings don’t get hurt.

The mental damage is already done. Me ganking you a few times won’t make a difference. You need help bro.

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I suggest you to keep your personal life and video games seperate. PvP in classic doesnt make you dishonorable IRL

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Hordes understand. Shame that most Alliance pussies don’t.

Truck Simulator is there waiting for them.

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Nonsense, it says nothing about rl. The person could be real nice or real bad, or anything in between.

Again, learn to distinguish between a game and reality… pls, for your mental health.

You may call it pvp or game or whatever.
What it comes at the end is the capability to enjoy a game. If horde keeps with this griefing attitude, they will end “in a Flamelash” (deserted ally server).

So horde will call “lok’tar o’gar! we won!” in the empty halls of IF and then watch each other on the eyes, questioning “whatnow?!”.
PvP is a matter, griefing (aka non-honorable pvp we could say) is another. Camping all the way dozens of times peeps for very little or no “honor” means griefing. Leaving zero space to gameplay, the very same. Acting like hormone-madnessed children against others kills the fun and thereby the game.

Future will tell :slight_smile: maybe blizzard will opt out for opening more bgs with unfair setups like 3 vs 10 a:h just to decrease the horde queue :smiley:

In the end all of this comes off the layer side effect (stacking 3-4-5 times the server size peeps compared to vanilla and then removing the layers, having 3-4-5 more peeps in the very same space).

Hmm. This is not my experience and I’m playing Alliance on Ashbringer. I might be lucky to be in a healthy Alliance server, but my experience is that there is a lot ganking from both sides. It’s not one faction that dominates the other. I get ganked, and I gank in return. Easy as that.

I agree that being ganked over and over by horde raids isn’t fun. How could it be, right?

The difference between people like me and cry babies on the forums is that people like me do something about it. I ask for help in a zone when I get ganked, and usually i get the help I need from others in the zone or guildies. People who cry on the forums seem to be people who get ganked and just alt+tab to the forum to make another post about it. They only cry about the problem, but don’t offer solutions for themselves, like getting certain pots to prevent ganks (swiftness pot, invis pot).

Besides crying about the problem, they blame others for their failure. They don’t look at themselves and say “it’s dishonorable and my feelings get hurt because I’m a human being and it frustrates me”.

YOU choose your own feelings, YOU chose to be frustrated and angry, YOU let that happen to yourself.

Of course I’m annoyed when I get die or get ganked, of course it can be frustrating. But at least I look to myself and say: What can I do to change it? Can I ask for help? Can I use a pot or another game mechanic that allows me to prevent ganking?

And that’s the difference. People who always look at other people for a solution are usually unhappy people (point proven by looking at these cry posts) and people who look at themselves are usually more happy in the same situation.

The the final part. Why do people don’t look at a solution for themselves? Because that’s the hard way. It’s a lot easier to blame someone else for your problems.

And my conclusion: if you dislike the game due to ganks and if your feelings got hurt somewhere along the way…


You know it does. Don’t try to hide behind that convenient excuse. You aren’t fooling anyone, including yourself.

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The fact is that I remember how it was during Vanilla and even during Phase 1 with layers.

Way less people which means that even gankage was enought unconsistent (or at least non-ossessive, non constant) to allow peeps to do some farm, to do some quests, to gather allies and somehow to fight back.

On many servers, like Flamelash but even onto mine (Gandling), the ratio is so screwed that even if you gather up forces you still get double to triple overwhelmed.

An example: some days ago went to guild raid MC so we gathered in 35 in MV, killed the FP griefers in MV (around 6-7 killing anyone landing using sap+MC+poly for honorless debuff "issue), and proceeded to BRM. Entered, cleared some meanroad and faced a raid (or an assembly) of mages standing in front of the jump spot to MC.

By the time we managed to bypass the bottleneck caused by them on the gallery with aoe+sappers+frostnovas+blizzards+trap etc, we found ourselves surrounded by THREE raids, from front, left (Searing gorge side) and back (many more coming from Burning Steppes, the ones that were party-roaming back and forth and skipped us). We got annihilated by 60 to 80 hordes (spy doesn’t count them anymore).

And those werent hordes coming in aid from outer regions cause of an ally raid ganking steadily the very same spot. Those were just the hordes roaming between the death triangle MV-BRM-TP.

This is the situation that makes wow unenjoyable.

I’ll add more: that i do mean is that on servers were alliance to horde ratios are screwed but with a medium to low pop, this is a side effect that can pass unnoticed because the excessive faction won’t be able to cover up costantly many regions.

But on servers with thousands exceding the other faction, those areas will be ALL covered and aside maybe 1-2 areas where a single or dual (other faction) raid can dominate, the rest of the world will become unplayable for the rest of the players of the minority faction.

This leads in quitting, rerolling, freezing and leads to an increased disparity of the ratios up to servers dying by becoming one-faction-pvp servers.

I honestly miss phase 1 people were more encouraged to fight fair instead of dangling a reward to encourage them to get kills by any means necessary.

Ok then, present actual evidence rather than opinion.