The Isles is recruiting - All roles available

Hi there, The isles is A Pv-Mixed Guild with a something for everyone! A particular focus on mythic raiding and Mythic + dungeoning with some badass PVP!!! Socials & levelers are very welcome <3 Do not hesitate to join if you love this game and want to SMASHHHH some content together in a friendly and tolerant environment <3 **Yak-Friendly guild - certified **

Currently all roles are available for recruitment, let know if interested!

Wishing you a great day

Hello :slight_smile: I just read a message in Valdrakken that you are recruiting and messaged Cilise but didn’t get a response. My current guild fell apart and I’m looking for new challenges in raiding and m+

Don’t know what happened but I am not a Dwarf Warrior, I have a lvl 70 Nelf BM Hunter!

Hellow! You read well!! The easiest way is to apply in-game, The isles is recruiting and all roles (including yourself) are welcome :)! See you in-game. 0/‘’‘’