The knighthood of Critshield (Rank 14)

10th June 2020 - 19:00 server time Stormwind city outside PvP vendors, many of you mocked, hated gave me bad rep but against all the odds and even with people premading against me on our realm to out farm me it has been achieved. Never once have I premaded and I can say that this solo journey has been achieved.

Alot of you remember me from Southshore both horde and ally. I held the Number 1 twink in the EU and when the hardcore lot finished there rank 14 journey that’s when mine begun. Now its time to achieve Number 1 raider on pyrewood!!!

Good lucking solo’n raids, cause no one wants you in their group.


lol…no one premaded AGAINST you, you just didn’t want to join. and we were all (you included) stacking! remember the Number i was giving you to farm towards at the beginning of each week? :slight_smile:

No, we all remember you as the realm’s most famous ninja looter, bracket breaker and an all in all, a jerk! No1 gives a crap about 49 twinks.

GL with your Number 1 raider though :slight_smile:


Better go back on retail and solo the classic raids available there, because nobody wants to play with you


And exactly how many 49 Twinks were you honestly competing against to be the number 1? Kinda reminds me of the “Special olympics meme”.

well we had a full team of lvl 49’s a discord i still run today. watch 1 min 30 in my lvl 49 will out dps any of you :slight_smile:

dude look at the last post! You and ya Bro did that! Grow up and stop being a troll! LOL

Nothing but LIES!!! Bout time you grew up cos u only 14yr old

Im the only one that did rank 14 solo, so yea I throw that line out again so you can bite

You’re like the Donald Trump of WoW players.


what getting things done?

Nah, for making yourself a laughing stock :laughing:

Number one raider, funny.
Yesterday you wiped UBRS 3 times as a tank, and then I find you paying the “BoostsRus” guys for runs there an hour later.
Number one raider, yet you can’t keep a raid for 30 minutes and have to pay for items. You’re an absolute joke!

People are just mad because “their big guilds” cant control things. If its allowed to get 1mil honor per week, theres nothing wrong with that. If you are allowed to pop ony head when ever you like…you do have permission to do so. Horde side we have these fckrs crying out for ony heads pop ups, songflower campers and latest is some shiny fckn stone in silithus that someone has aparently “owned”…and ofc that fat little Timmy goes to cry about it to discords “in here we think we own this pve server” channel. Read game rules and then faq sites etc…if theres no mention about it…its allowed…like multiboxing. -Kisses and taa taa

You read the game rules and then faq sites etc…it’s allowed for people not to party up with you or don’t invite you to their raids/guilds if they don’t like you!

I think the tragedy here caused by not knowing the difference between game rules and social norms. Classic Wow is all about community and the community has unwritten social rules based on acceptable behaviour -which some players like Critshield have hard time to comply with thus end up being an outcast.

There isn’t any conspiracy here.
If you are entering a dungeon you are expected to roll on relevant items and not ninja.
If you agreed to be a part of the pvp community then you are expected to follow their rules so their community can function as intended.

It is about being unpredictable and unreliable. No community welcomes that kind of behaviour.

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“community has unwritten social rules” …there you go. There is no fckn rule sets not by you nor by community. You have these few tools like community discord where vocal minority make those things (and like pyrewood theres 10k players and look for discord population…so minority). And allways the most vocal bunch is “world leading speed run (btw in pve server wich is…meh) so called hc guilds that are big but present the minority of player base.
You dont get lonelly by breaking those rules because majority of players plays this game for their own good…for their own gear progress…not for you or that community. Yes there are few items you need to co-oparate a little but that can be dodged (by obtaining pvp gear) or just go to guild that does not give a fck. If you have time to pvp 3 weeks for 24/7…then you do so and you’ll get the reward , you dont need to ask permission for it. What comes for that"outcast”…hardly…someone is pulling a quite a big laugh out now.

We call them common sense, if you don’t want to follow you should find like-minded individuals so you can happily ninja from each other. Go create a guild that supports personal greed where every man for himself then.

I am happily part of a community where I don’t mind passing loot for a person more in need, even in random dungeons there were countless times I didn’t roll on caster items that were bis for random caster dps and I would like to trust that they will do the same for me instead of going all greedy for items that will barely benefit them.

If you have time to PVP 24/7 then go do that, but stacking up all the way until rank 13 with others, boosting brackets then suddenly turning against them as you don’t need them anymore is a d-bag move and as a consequence no one wants to play with some one they cannot trust.

And you must be the silent majority then :rofl:

Also I find it cute that you defend yourself with your alts instead of posting on main. :laughing:

Because i can post with any char i want…salty??? Seems like it. For fragile PVE queens like you, that have used to get all they want with little to none effort these things truly seem to hurt a lot. “amagad my rank is fcked…i got rules in my mind for it” …amagad my char got killed in pve server…sooooo salty…posting a cry. Heeeyy Ninja popped ony head…can’t you read that my huge and famous guild says the hours…waaaaggg!!!". Play a game with it’s pros and cons. Dont try to change it if you’re not hired for it.

Forever alone :'D