The latest patch notes regarding Earthgrab DR

During Wrath there was NO DR on shaman earthgrab in pvp, they change it during cata on 4.0, and there is plenty of info on the topic, even remembered and found an old video of swifty vs ele sham to prove my point it was during S8.
You can barely see the durations on the second duel on 4:18++ but there is clearly no DR.
and i cant include links sooo : vbox7 com/play:2ff105ea

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Idk bro, permanent aoe root sounds kinda op.

Lets not forget that ele sham is s+ in pvp anyway.

it has a cooldown and better players easily play around it, sham is strong and it is wrath classic, so if they wanna change something ok cool lets start with pallys and the sacred cleansing and other stuff, but if not they should just fix it and stick to the theme of “wrath classic” as it was

Totally agree, it’s not a bug. Please revert this DR fix

ngl it really feels like a cheat private server, can someone fix it already ?

Someone posted a “proof” of earthgrab not DRing from some russian fun/instant server. Not sure if that one was official, but any other pvp video from that time proves, that there was no DR on any “real” realm at any given point during wotlk.

I do not expect that Blizzard wanted to balance the spec with custom changes, they could just not be bothered with actually checking. It is a bit sad, that Blizzard took the time to break a working talent, while so many other bugs remain to this day and will never be fixed withing wotlk.

Ye its insane how many broken stuff are currently in wrath, I remember in s1 before I quit there was a joke about it being “wrath of the burning crusade plus” or something like that, and I think it still holds :smiley: but its kinda worse.