The Lfg is dying


I checked it right now the Lfg because i was curious whats going on, alliance had 45 3v3 team running and horde 54 3v3, lmao :'DD. Of course i had filter every language, so these numbers represent the entire EU 3v3 Lfg.

Find from 45 game the right comp/skillcap/cr team with voice in this elitist trash game where 8/10 lie about cr/xp and link it from alts, because this trash company still not reworked their festering Lfg feature. Enjoy Bfa :D.

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Takes me like 5 Minutes to either form or find a team.


What is day may never die!

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teach me .


Think I’ve not been in queue longer than 2 minutes at a time… If you can’t find ppl in LFR it’s most likely because of you. It’s not the companys fault if you are a prick to play with. Lower your requirements and be chill with the people you get to play with.


I guess hard to find teams with sh or heal spec and your xp, prick. But i will help u a bit, i am not a healer. Most time i made team i never asked higher xp then mine and i even asked only 2k sometimes, so your entire comment is nonsense. Anyway this is not only my problem, many player complain about endless que times, like the other dh weeks ago who have 2,4kcr or my very high Bfa/Legion xp guild mates on horde. So this is only question of time, becase many who not want to watch an empty window for hours will eventually stop this trash game.


Pvp has almost no rewards, so people stoped playing it. Top 200 player did not played even one single game during last few weeks. 8.1 was a disater patch for pvp.
Let me explain what happened in 8.1.
Gear scaling was removed. With 8.1 reputation with champions of azerot, azerite power and gear make a huge impact on pvp stats. At the same time they reduced gear drops from pvp drastically. Now you have do endless pve grind to be competetive in pvp, so the majority of payers stopped playing any pvp activity.


what a lovely comment


Yes BFA is trash. I wish they rollback all servers back to legion.


Sad that u not played before Legion(I guess), because after Bfa Legion is the worst of all. Wotlk was the peak imo, because we had rating based pvp gear from VENDOR. You had to grind out the honor gear, then if u was good enough player you was able to buy for example the Wrathful shoulders at 2,2k cr(I only bought my daggers at 1850 and i was so happy!). The good players loved this because they felt the worth of playing since they become stronger in ilvl(gearscore xD), and of course damage. After Wotlk Cataclysm was a huge fall because they first removed the rating based gear, only the weapon was stronger above 2,2k, then in Cataclysm again they removed the stronger weapon too. Still Cataclysm was a very good expansion in pvp, i played with several class and i loved very very much. MoP was very good too, sad that they started to change again the resilience for “fix resilience, pvp power” just to favor the pve clowns after their downfall on 5.2 Isle of Thunder. Wod was miles better then Legion, and ofc Bfa , but the prunning and trash pvp removed a lot of player from the game.

Now what is the reward? A trash title/tabard/cloak the worst enchant and a terrible mount(i loved the legion one so much it is beautiful).


I agree with you. I am playing now MOP and WOLTK on private servers. Also i played WOLTK and Cataclysm on retail before. I think MOP, Wrath and legion were fine, they just different. In legion we did not have vendors, but it was compensated by templates. I played thousands of arena games in legion in many characters and feel fine without PVE gear. In legion only ilvl matter and gear drop from pvp was descent. PVE gear in Legion was probably slightly better but 10 ilevel gave only 1% stat increase, so was not much important. If i knew good private legion pvp server i would choose legion over mop and wrath, cause i like templates a lot:) Templates make skill more important than gear. Even thought in MOP you can get best gear from PVP it still long grinding road and gear overcome skills.

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the first time ever i see a comment from you which makes sense


yea on low cr it is a lot easier to find sth, especially if you are a healer


Also stopped playing on this crap few days ago, and searched for a proper wotlk server
since there are none for cata.
Unfortunately made a 3 month sub, in hope that it will get better, but nah. So I have it running until April.
I’ll just wait for the vanilla servers, but I’m already afraid that blizz will just screw up that also


How can u think such things!?!? But yep, cant wait to see they ruin vanilla aswell XD.


Are you for real? Legion is the worst expansion ever. BfA is 1000 times better.
First of all it invented the 1-button class Demon Hunter - which is horribly designed.
You never ever saw double dps in 2s unless it was a ww monk and another strong dps class (Or Rogue/Mage ofc).
3v3 was filled with melees. It was a huge mess and games were won by default. Templates pissed me off. It was all about ilvl and enchants didn’t matter.
It was more RNG damage than ever before. Double DH was crushing teams in blizzcon.

Also it was the expansion that was easy to quit for me. If you liked legion it must have been an expansion that gained you something…


Healers are simply dying. Every dps class has SO MUCH damage, that healers can barely enjoy their specc to the fullest. Coming from a player who mains healers (2.2k+ exp on all heal speccs), and still playing it. Takes me about 10 to 20 sec to fill group, but I’ve never had this little amount of fun as healer in the last 5 years


You maybe enjoy on battleground that 2-4 bad player cant take you down, but the players not. I remember when on MoP 5.4 or on Legion 7.2 or 3 the holy priest was unkillable. If i want to beat target dummy i rather go to stormwind and enjoy the game, not wait for battleground que.

Before Legion i played across expansions and only did duels/random bg-s and a bit rated battleground, but now i am so tired because the players not focus the healer, that i not going to play battleground again. So disappointing when we do 5 min fights at flag because the team not willing to focus the healers.

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All this show the pvp aspect is dying until BliVsion don’t do something do stop this thing.


Anybody mentioned solo queue?