The meta slavery is real

Cloud9 plays frost mage on AWC and suddenly there are people looking for frost mages in LFM and people seeing my spec are more like “oh frost is good again, eh” rather than “Why frost”

People ape pros so hard and they don’t even know what they really ape and why xD


This is true EU is and always has been full of people rerolling and only playing meta. Meanwhile people in NA que the most random comps at 3k+.

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EU always was a tryhard copy-paste.

Frost would be relatively a strong pick especially in 2’s currently where its a melee heavy bracket from experience it should be good picking it into all the warrionrs, monks, rogues and paladins.

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i hit 1,9 as frost with feral so not bad probably

People have finally caught up to Redemp, the best mage EU.
Took them a few months to be fair.


Frost has been sleeper strong since the Ice Form buff, it just needs a comp like ele/frost/healer or destro/frost/healer where the enemy team gets checkmated by choosing one caster to train w hile the other caster freecasts and bombs them

Monkey see, monkey do. The second some high viewer count twitch streamer tries something for a few days, the next week you see a bunch of ppl playing it. Makes you think if the average age is 14 where the kids just follow a trend ‘just cuz it’s cool’

No real reason to work against the meta. Take warrior, the most OP class in the game. You might as well reroll it instead of crying for changes that always comes way too late.

The game is not worth getting mad over

Are your shoulders the PvP legendary for Assa? That would explain their disgusting “burst” bleed/poison damage.

From what I can gather, you think everything but DH is disgusting. Pretty ironic when you think of it.

You’re right. I am too blind to see that one button shouldnt do up to 25k crits on its own. :eyes:

What are you refering to? The hunt?


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