The Mythic Dungeon International is Back -- Live Today

So class ballance until at least March 14th , nice

jokes on you if you think they balance anything.
Do you really think these apes don’t know that fire mages do about 50% more dmg than other classes on those pulls?
They are working on 9.1 already as usual they got like 2 devs left working on wow and those doing new content like new raid and pet battles.

So are you going to kick out the cheaters quicker this time?

now to watch them get 35 anima and versatilitedty gear :slight_smile: love this game.
1 Fire mage & druid boomy each game and 1 rogue and of course Paladin everything how could we forget. Were there any other classes really ? nah didn’t think so :slight_smile: yawn

So after this fiesta are you gonna address Resto druids holy priest Shadow priest aoe (in pve?) and nerf fire mage fire mage and nerf fire mage and nerf mage fire did i forget you should nerf fire mage, I’d like to point out you should nerf fire mage https:// i.imgur. com/zwrXCzK.png

Well, we had mdi meta like this, so even the current meta is a huge improvement compared to this nonsense. Not that i think class balance is currently good, but still.

400.000 people apparently, according to overall viewer number today. I know, different people, different interests, wild stuff.


Turning dungeons into an e-sport always was and remains to be a terrible idea.


It was pretty awful to watch, so went & learnt some Rogue …ing with the highest viewers on Twitch, I noticed MDI abandoned Twitch :rofl::rofl:

Cup 1 Day 1 VOD
Cup 2 Day 2 VOD


So will you buff loot drop rates in raids and dungeons now ??
And when will you rework fire mage?

This boring as hell, fire mage carry it should be called. The arena event was more fun to watch
Even so maby there I got bored of fire mage and ww monk :weary:

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That’s blizzards main goal.

This is the only dps spec blizzard likes.

What about hunters? i’m seeing hunters pull 35K dps on trash, hell i don’t even see that in legacy raids on my toon on single target.

Watch a fire mage in the mdi and you will see 35k is not highh

It’s one hunter spec, just like fire is one mage spec. The other 2 hunter specs are left in the dumpster just like the other 2 mage specs are.

Fire mages are extremely fun when combustion is active, but extremely boring when combustion is on CD. They should really rework it. I was not even able to finish leveling… mine is still on 57…

Pretty sure it’s more possible to own Smaug as a pet🤣

Nobody can top fire mage on aoe pulls. They pull ahead by 50%+
Of course it has to do with the nature of pulling around the mage, but that isn’t balanced the slightest and rubbish design.

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