The Necrotic Wake mage problem

In “The Necrotic Wake” dungeon, mage skills are bugged when we are in “Surgeon” boss phase. When we travel to up to the boss’ place, mage’s blink is bugged as "if you try to blink forward, it will blink you to “Right” direction of blink. Another bug is, in Frost Mage’s legendary “Glacial Fragments” it has to be %100 chance to split to 5 mobs if they are inside of “Blizzard” skill but in “Surgeon’s place” they are not being effected by this legendary. Glacial Fragments doesnt split among mobs even when they are inside of blizzard.

You should probably use the bug report from the in-game help feature instead of posting this sort of thing on the forums. Just saying.

I never had problems with blinking in the floated part of NW. Other than the usuall bugs (stuck in a pebble).
As for Glacial Fragments Legendary, ye it is indeed bugged as hell since launch. Its one of the reasons why i dont use that Legendary.

Is it a bug with the momentum blink? I haven’t had issues either.

It is yeah. Had to switch my blink just because of that boss.

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