The one eyed lor'themar


So, a while back when i díd the Blood Elf heritage armor quest i noticed that during the “time travel” event or what one might call it, Lor´themar is missing his right eye. Or at least he wears the eyepatch over his right eye. Then back in the present. He is obiviously missing his left eye.

( I have printscreens from this but apparently i can’t create a topic with a link in it! )

So am i missing something here lore wise or did blizz artists mess up? :smiley:

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They can never make up their mind which eye he is missing, or even -how- he is missing it, two supposedly canon sources have him either losing it during a Scourge battle, or an Amani battle.

Let us at least be glad he does not have that bizarre red monocle anymore, given that he is described as not giving a fig what other people think, and not wearing an eyepatch or anything to cover it up…


Too bad they just can’t decide if its the left or right! I want to remember that during the scenario you do to get your heritage armor is when he is loosing his eye :stuck_out_tongue:


He even has a joke on the eyepatch if you click his new model in Nazjatar several times :joy:

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