The Other Side datamined lore and dialogues

Dear Developers, I’m writing feedback regarding the datamined lore from “De Other Side” Instance.

We learn from there that Mueh’Zala is apparently Bwonsamdi’s boss, and I am not sure if people working on these dialogues realize the implications it brings and the confusion it spreads. So let me split it to following points :

  1. If Mueh’zala is boss of Bwonsamdi it means that he is also in charge of “de Other Side” and not Bwonsamdi, and so he was apparently devouring the troll souls through millennia. Because this is how he was described in the traveler book. Which is in big contrast to already established lore in “Shadows of the Horde” where we see Vol’Jin commune with his father Sen’Jin who didn’t complain about his after life and was perfectly content. Sen’Jin was implying that it’s Bwonsamdi who is caretaker there. We also saw Shadow Hunters in WoD being sent to him and they returned to us meaning that their souls were not devoured or harmed.

  2. During BfA Questing we witnessed Bwonsamdi collecting souls which were empowering him directly, if those souls went to the Maw (As Mueh’zala planned) then he wouldn’t sense power increase.

  3. This is also causing another confusion- Why would Bwonsamdi freak out that he lost Vol’Jin’s soul when it was his boss - Mueh’zala who snatched it and sent it to the Maw?

  4. Why is Mueh’zala portrayed to be more powerful than Bwonsamdi when Mueh’zala is only Worshipped by Farraki and Bwonsamdi has followers in all jungle troll tribes, Zandalari and presumably forest trolls?

  5. What is the point of “Shadows Rising” Book? The summary description is implying that Bwonsamdi is crucial for Shadowlands campaign, why would he be this important if he wouldn’t be one of the Lords of Shadowlands but mere grim reaper figure? He has to have power and influence significant enough to assist players in the campaign. My impression so far was that the reason why he was important was that he didn’t experience anima draught, and unlike other covenants, he was still strong enough to turn the tide of events.

With the current revelation, it means that he is just as much of a pawn as Vol’Jin turned out to be. Which I suppose is not the intention of the developers and the newest book.

Thankfully there is a very easy way to fix it without changing much of what was already created.

Suggestion :

Let Mueh’zala be Bwonsamdi’s rival, not boss. Let Mueh’zala be empowered by Jailer like Sylvanas was in order to Face Bwonsamdi and steal troll souls from the “Other Side” to channel them to the Maw. Let Bwonsamdi be the actual Lord of the “Other Side” and his superior to be the machine itself - the Arbiter.

this is the only way to maintain the consistency of troll lore and make sense of the plot transition from BfA to SL. All it requires is to change the dialogue.

Bwonsamdi would remain as the main caretaker of trolls, we know he is doing his job well and that all the deceased trolls are doing fine under his protection. His shock about Vol’Jin’s disappearance would actually make sense because it would be the odd case happening to him. And not something he was participating in for a long time.
He would be powerful enough to justify his importance in the incoming book, and it wouldn’t make the plot feel pointless. Mueh’zala’s appearance in Other Side and power-up could be justified with Jailer wanting to steal the remaining anima to prevent us from stopping them.

And lastly, it wouldn’t imply that for all these centuries troll souls were given terrible treatment which we know from previous spirits reappearing to not be true.

This is very important. More important than a complaint about the missed opportunity to meet older iconic troll heroes which could help defend Bwonsamdi such as Sen’Jin or Rastakhan or even Zul’Jin.


Additional Suggestion:

How to make fight with Mueh’zala more meaningful.

If the developers would maintain the above narration that Mueh’zala is using opportiunity to take over ‘De Other Side’ and is empowered by Jailer to wrestle control out of Bwonsamdi, we see that we have to destroy 3 totems at which other Mueh’zala appearances are visible.

I saw the feedback that they’re easy defeatable. I think during that phase there should be additional little extra where we see ghostly apparition of Sen’Jin, Rastakhan and Zul’Jin come to assist to help defeat Mueh’zala. Either as channeling some magic, or giving the deathblow to one of the each smaller vision of Mueh’zala.

This way we could see that actual troll souls are there, and when ‘De Other side’ is in danger they willingly come to assist Bwonsamdi to maintain the order. It would be also more meangful for players to get a chance to meet characters they loved one more time, and it would give them some positive edge that they made a stand against looming darkness. 3 troll figures each from different tribe fighting together to defeat a common threat would be amazing treat for many troll fans.