The positives of seasons of discover!

Nothing because I can’t play on the servers my friends are playing.

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This was never true even when classic was released
nothing happend to retail when TBC was launched again or WOTLK
and they said WOTLK will destroy retail and remember when wotlk came out it was SHADOWLANDS and that expansion was garbage
So don’t take those people seriously most of them are clowns that think older expansions are somehow superior in every way
yes there are few things that are better but retail will always be popular because of new stuff and changes

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All this has been mentioned a hundred times. But the reality is. Classic is an MMORPG called World of Warcraft and retail is an action lobby game called Dragonflight.

Two decades have eroded what the game was so badly that going back on certain things would make all the action lobby game players upset because they don’t want to play an MMORPG.

I too, wish Blizzard would recognise what elements could be returned to retail to revive the MMO and RPG parts of it but I fear it’ll never happen.

At this point any kinda classic seems too scary to get into as someone who started in bfa

It certainly is ironic that Classic appears to be more innovative in its design than Retail.
For all the content that Retail gets, it’s hard not to look at SoD and go: “I’d rather have that.”


Warlocks grouping up to “defrost” a flash frozen murlock - that drops a rune and enables us to get chaosbolt at lvl 7! Yes please! I LOVE season of discovery.


I don’t care how brain dead you think classic SoD lock is. . .I will eventually get to tank in permanent demon form. To each their own.

there are great additions & changes but still not enough to make it anything that’s appealing to new players or today’s mmo market. feels like another attempt to keep classic players around after hardcore losing its hype . this will last for 6 months or a year and then they’ll probably announce either a fresh start again or make this go till wotlk . doesn’t feel like it’s a new game but more like a modded classic

This is how I feel too.

I play every Classic reboot and usually am there for about a month before I’m bored or feel I’ve seen enough and head back.

I do not want any Classic in my Retail.

It’s also worth noting that every time a new reboot comes out the previous ones die a bit. The new kid on the block is where everyone goes to try stuff out and play.

I love that the OP is having such a great time and there are loads of people roaming around which is great. Blizzard have learnt a lot from doing all the other Classic reboots. Layering means they can jam a lot more of us on the limited number of realms and will remove that layering later when numbers even out.

In contrast though:-

  • I chose a class that could be a Gnome, I’ve never used my racial so far but I’m only level 15 and I’m a Warlock
  • I’m not finding gearing interesting or particularly different from Retail, if the drop is better than what I’m wearing, I equip it. I don’t find having a bis to work towards any different classic vs retail
  • I’m not sure what stat balancing is really happening on SoD, we are limited to level 25
  • Slow combat and so much time having to auto attack or wand is one of the things I dislike compared to Retail. Retail combat is more my cup of tea
  • Most people have either done the quests a million times and already know where to go or simply use Questie etc
  • I don’t find the lack of currency a good thing, it’s tedious to have to sell everything, in fact for Warlocks they tell you to prio getting currency over gear while levelling because you need it more. On the whole I am not a fan of the old skool you will just have to go without constantly
  • I don’t feel it’s immersive myself but I’m sure that’s a personal thing, I also dislike how dated some places look in Retail
  • The flip side is that people will actively go out of their way to pick something up before you, watch you clear your way to a node/chest/quest mob and then rush in there and take it/tag it first. For all the people who will queue for an item pick up there are plenty who wont. I find the systems of Classic are less friendly and generate more bad behaviour because those things wouldn’t have an impact in Retail, tags are shared, drops are often individual etc. General chat isn’t all sunshine either, the racism, xenophobia and mean rubbish or pure misinformation some have been spouting, not to mention the awful names some have managed to get through. There are ofc always some that will be helpful, but plenty refuse to group or are simply rude to others
  • My professions don’t really feel like they are worth it, they are another drain on what little currency I have
  • I am not excited for chests or rares, they are just more clutter to fill my very limited bag space, my friend I do roll for them but I’m never eager to win and we share the contents anyway

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. Just highlight why I do not want Classic in Retail and why I’m so glad going back to Retail that they are such different games. One is literally and old version with a twist and the other is the modern evolved iteration.

So keep them apart, let each version have it’s own charm, because putting Classic in Retail will make me want to quit. Love all of those things on the original list but keep them where they belong :dracthyr_heart:


The thing is no, mostly people just silently leave

This is the EU forums. Things get lost in translation.

100% this.

I don’t play classic because most of the things the OP listed as positives are things I see as negative. If these things made their way into retail, I’d probably end up not playing WoW at all.


Toxicity at it’s finest.

I said mostly, anecdotal example proves nothing


yesterday someone commended my transmog while I was afking in valdrakken.

a classic alt :thinking:

A retail alt :thinking: :thinking:

You havent made a useful post since you been in this topic :slight_smile: have a great day.

Thank you friend. :blush:

How would you make statistics on social interactions in game? it’s a personal experience and depends on player.
on other hand amounts of toxicity can be determined, just becaues you had 5 okay dokey m+ runs and sixth was with toxic ragequitting tank doesn’t mean that whole experience is toxic, it’s how interaction with people work, i’d assume that mmo players know how interactions with people work.
To compare almost every league of legends match has some toxicity in it, wow isn’t close at all
try to use common sense, i guess it’s very hard to do so