The problem with the Alliance


Hello everyone. Time to talk about an open problem that isn’t talked enough here. Blizzard of course. But in this specific case, it is also the alliance. Their self inserts as the stories protagonists for no other reason than playable humans and the Power fantasy of dominating the story.

You see, it is pretty much everywhere. The raid on zuldazar is just the latest icing on the cake. Not only is the alliance bursting with protagonist characters and similar allies of the same mindset. Also at the same rate the Horde loses profile, characters, is villain batted and our honor bros leaders can’t stop kissing the booty of their blue team overlords. Blizzard might keep pretending things are equal because if some zones, but they are not. All the relevant plot happens via the pov of characters.

All of those mostly again exclusively alliance. Legion was another good example of this problem. Argus and Valshara to be mentioned. WoD just the same. The oh so big orc addon was turned into another alliance feels good and right addon, with both, intro and epilouge alike, narrated by alliance heroes.

It is flat out catering of a certain Power fantasy of being the center of the story that blizzard told us since vanilla launch. Humans turned from being extinct, with the exception of Theramore, to the biggest power house of Azeroth for no reason. Mostly night elves suffered from that story direction the most.

There are 2 options to solve said problem. Kill a big chunk of the alliance character cast off. Or at least, delete the Horde from the game, so we can stop pretending the horde is more, than either a villain to be killed off for loot. Or another extra sidekick for the heroic alliance.

Cheers and Di chuka Zandalar. Alliance mains do not leave a comment here. You’re (not) welcome. :slight_smile:


I say we delete the Horde.


Sounds good for me.


Humans bad, Anyone else good, upvotes to the right.

Yawn. I can’t believe some people still want to discuss this subject. Don’t you ever get bored?


Human mains still refuse to accept that blizzard is spoiling them compared to other races. So this discussion has to be rekindled.


Humans barely get any attention. Just the Wrynns and Proudmoores.


I swear, I saw an exact thread like this last year. And last Christmas. And last month. And last week. Human Potential will replace Sylvanas as the most hated subject on the forum after she dies. Whoop Dee Doo.

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The problem isn’t so much “Humans” it’s Wrynns and Proudmoores.

They have become the “Windrunners” of the Alliance lore, where the writing is just plain awful and you know why, they are both only here for a political message - both of which are false messages.
Characters like Gryan Stoutmantle and Lorna Crowley are actually good characters. I love the latter, but she’s ignored in favour of Jaina and Anduin, and to an extent, Shaw and Genn.


Kul Tiras, Stormwind, Gilneas, Dalaran. So far doing fine. Now let’s compare that variety to any other race or subfaction.

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Again though, how many of these also get ignored?

What has happened to Modera? To Anserim? To Lorna? To Queen Mia Greymane?


You can remove Gilneas since it’s a blighted wasteland. You can also remove Dalaran since it’s hard to still consider it a Human city with orcs, illidari, and gnomes running around its streets and a dragon in its ruling council.


Khadgar, Jaina, Shaw, Genn, Anduin, All the new Kul Tirans, Turalyon, Halford. Even without those you listed human are overfeeding on attention.

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Let’s be honest - these are quite obvious.

The start of this expansion focused on KT’s problems (however sh!t it was) and the latter - he’s only just come back and is only apart of a stale warfront, plus he co-leads the Lightforged Draenei.

We are coming away from this now, which is good, because Kul’tiras is the WORST questing land, by far of any expansion.


Khadgar has been afk since the ending of Legion. Anduin barely appears aside from a few cameos, the majority of his screentime in BfA comes from the Battle of Lordaeron and the novels. Shaw and Halford also appear sporadically, being secondary underlings like Shandris or Umbric. Turalyon has literally been doing nothing except fighting in the Battle of Stromgarde. Jaina and Genn are the figureheads of the Alliance in this expansion, much like Yrel, Velen, and Maraad were the figureheads in WoD.

Many Kul Tiran characters received attention in the expansion that sees Kul Tiras as one of its selling points. Shocking and unexpected. Next you’re going to tell me that the Lich King had way too much screentime in WotLK.


And of course the zandalari trolls. Who got thrown in a dumpster to give Jaina a power stroke. They are just as loot mob degraded as the other troll tribes are. Anything appealing about them is now gone thanks to Blizzards blatant favoritism.


You wouldn’t be playing a Zandalari right now if it wasn’t for Jaina’s attack.

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Well the same thing happened with the Night Elves to give Sylvanas a power stroke as well.

Jaina is a sh!t character, that much we can agree on. All characters who are here for a political message are sh!t, but this has gone both ways.


I just lvl up for the heritage. I have no intention to get this guy to max level since it’s not worth it. Once bfa is over zandalari will be ignored. Unlike most alliance leaders.


And so will the Kul Tirans, so whoop dee doo. Unlike most Horde leaders. I can play this game too.

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If you ask me, Anduin and Jaina will be getting sidelined next expansion because of how sh!t they are.