The problem with the Alliance


Well, I actually like playing alliance. Can’t see a reason for Thalassians to have their own faction.

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Agreed, I can understand why you’d hate a faction war story…Blizzard really brought it in, not by far off, the worst way possible.
Now if it had tragedy, loss and bitterness on both sides, with characters and events we as players could relate to (instead of Demi gods like Jaina/ Tyrande/Malfurion <–biggest offenders) this could’ve been so much beter, the Alliance should have been the ones to strike first, after Legion it would’ve been a perfect uppertunity for them to do so, a war where no member of any faction would feel like they were just there to make the opposition look good, as both have their reasons for this war.

However, sadly no…we have literally SoO again, almost to the T. Small consolation for a Horde player is, that if they kill off all the Original Horde players, they may be able to write a more nuanced War story in the future without the Horde being villain batted time and again.

I’m afraid that if they do remove the factions, the stories will revolve around Anduin and friends, and instead of being a Horde champion / soldier or just an adventurer…you’ll actually just be a random, faceless nobody, no mention of race or class anymore, because it’s simply unneeded, aside from some ‘added flavor’.

My Foresight got pruned too!

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The only difference we’ve got this time is not all the lore characters are singing from the same hymn sheet.

I only pray that Blizzard use Tyrande’s fury as a way to stop the rebellion from taking route. Those who form the rebellion also supported the War of Thorns attack. I think she is the only one who can stop the rebellion - possibly her and Talanji.

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Well, I’d say we are due a few promised plottwists, aren’t we…I’m hoping you’re right and Tyrande(of all people :P) comes through for us all now.

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If she does, I’ll respect her, to a point, even when playing Horde.

“Thank you Tyrande, thank you for stopping MoP 2.0”


Now now, I will escape the villain bat cos…I don’t actually want war. Very simple.

Regarding Tyrande, I’ve said before - it’ll be a handwave and the Kaldorei will just be fine with what happened. It’s even got precedent in Ashenvale and the turning over of Azshara.


I see Tyrande in the exact same way as Jaina was when Theramore was mana bombed by Garrosh.

  • Garrosh wanted to seize Kalimdor under Horde control, as Sylvanas.
  • Jaina went to Stormwind to ask for Varian to destroy Ogrimmar, while the Orcs were drunk and celebrating the destruction of Theramore, in which Anduin and Varian disagreed, he wanted to break the blockade and plan ahead instead of rushing ahead.
  • Just like when Tyrande went and ask Anduin military asistance, when Teldrassil was burned and it was again denied by Anduin, because the Alliance forces were too stretch thin.
  • Jaina went and took control of the iris and used it to try and flood Ogrimmar.
    Just like Tyrande went against Anduins will and didn’t wait for him and traveled to Ashenvale with her troops and went through the dark ritual.
  • Varian lost his ships due to a enslaved cracken, while trying to attack Ogrimmar, just like Anduin lost his troops while trying to seize Undercity.
  • I think tyrande will ask to Anduin, for the Horde to be dismantled as Jaina did when Garrosh was defeated in SoO and once again it will be denied by Anduin.

The only difference will be this time unlike Theramore, I think Ashenvale and Darnassus will be restored back to Night Elfs hands as a trade for Lordaeron.
We are talking about the Night Elven capital after all.
Rule of going back to “normal”, to fight a bigger threat.
As for Tyrande and Talanji ?
We can’t forget this is WARcraft, got to leave that sweet hatred boiling up for a couple of years so we can make another stew of war again in another expansion.
What will happen if Talanji becomes the next Warchief of the Horde in a couple of years ?
Will we see another camp taraujo or Stormheim event performed by Tyrande ?
Knowing Activision Blizzard, I would gess that is a very strong possibility.

WoW story tends to repeats itself, over and over.
Any doubts look at the three Windrunner sister: every single one of them married or in love for humans.

My opinion:
You can build two different houses in two different places, change everything, ceiling, materials, tiles, wood.
But in the end if you do not change her inner structure, it will stil lbe the same house in the end of the day, with 3 bedrooms, one kitchen one living room and one corridor.
Nothing changed in the end of the day, just the environment.



No. Tyrande already had her vengeance.

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Only by your degrading, racist and stupid standards.


Really…so what? As a gnome player I can tell you that Blizzard has no problem leaving a race without a capital city. And lorewise Teldrassil isn’t that big of a thing, exept for the number of people who lived there (which I don’t suppose will e brought back). In a people that has a life span of millenia, Teldrassil was a novelty, barely some decades old. Hyal has more cultural significance and Feathermoon seems to be almost as much of a military stronghold.

I see neither lore nor gameplay reason to bring back Teldrassil. And implying that people could move past the burning of thousands on the tree, because the tree grew back, seems like kind of a strange idea to me. I doubt they’ll do that.


I known.
Blizzard never give’s.
It just takes and takes.
Is it any wonder the no changer’s in classic are so vocal.
Nobody wants to take the risk.
Blizzard track record of bad idea’s are well known.

What is worse is that the darkspears did regain there island.
Small worthless island but still they got there “home” back.
Which is more then the gnomes, gillans and now night elves can ever expect.
We will see undercity rebuild before we see the alliance getting so much an a small villiage.

Really we need to have tyranda destroy ogrimar.
It is only fair to have the horde accauly lose something of value and ogrimar is the only thing of value they have.


Undercity was traditional place for wow as Teldrassil. So the loose of Forsaken capital is equal to night elf capital. I predict that booth will be back in game. WoW can’t be without them.

Darkspears are in worse story light, because they don’t have real lider. Some say it’s Rokhan, but there is no real evidence for this.


Not really.
Undercity counter part is iron forge ( both are underground and ugly) thunderbluff is the counter part of tedrassil (both are relaxing places)
Even ignoring that one is a slaughter and the other scorge earth.
Wow can (as far blizzard care’s) exist on only stormwind and ogrimar. The rest dont mather to them.

True the alliance still has its horde loving leaders.


I thought Queen Mia was dead until she showed up at Teldrassil during the War of Thorns (at least I think she did).
So yeah… She’s so highlighted!


Oh Jaaaaaaaaaaina! Daughter of the Sea! And friend to the Horde!

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The creators of the game disagree with you, Sylvanas has a ‘‘master’’ plan and is too smart to be killed off like Garrosh or even be trialed.


They never said that she’s too smart…

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The Horde turned from outcasts into a world power, even though in Warcraft 3 they still struggled against a single Kul Tiran fleet. So both sides can play this game.

And regarding Stormwind I already said something in another thread: The nation might as well not exist, because it only exists so that the Wrynns have people they can order around.

Stormwind as a nation is one of the least developed factions in the entire game (barring the void elves which says a lot). The Wrynns get all the spotlight, but the nation itself? What about the knights of Stormwind? Are they still organized within the Brotherhood of the Horse or not? What about the House of Nobles? How does the overall political system of Stormwind even work? Is it an absolute monarchy? How much influence has the Church of the Holy Light? What are some traditions in Stormwind?

I don’t mind Stormwind acting as a ‘vanilla’ human faction, but even ‘vanilla’ needs a little bit of world building. Bretonnia in Warhammer Fantasy is as ‘Vanilla Medieval/Arthurian Knight’ as you can get, and even they have a more sophisticated culture than Stormwind.

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