The real reason Blizzard won't add double dps 2v2 shuffle

It’s obvious to everyone that this is the solution for queue times and it would guarantee dps instant queues 24/7. So why won’t Blizzard add it? Because Blizzard knows the majority of healers right now are only healing for instant queues. Most of them prefer playing dps, and if dps get an instant queue option most healers would instantly switch to dps and that would be the nail in the coffin of the healer meta Blizzard has been forcing for 20 years. Blizzard sees healing as this role players need to suffer through in order to make pvp legit in their eyes, they can’t let go of it.

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It is too hard to balance 2x2 not every class/spec has equal utility and etc.

Who asked!?

Or maybe they don’t want to dilute the player base even more.


We don’t want healers to disappear and make the game more mindless zug zug than it already is.

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Balance what like im sorry they aint balancing pvp they’re just mending it with some first aid from the trashcan


Its because 3v3 has always been the point of balance and the games focus in regards to pvp gameplay lol.

Some weird conspiracy that blizzard demand dps are punished for not playing the other trinity roles is madness :joy:

Blizzard has gor years drove 3v3 as the sole focus of the games competirive mode.

Also, u can do 3v3 as full dps. The issue ur mixing up, is the fact the reason a healer is required in solo queue, is because they have forced it into 3v3. They could just let 3s be queued as any format and roll if they wished to.

If they did 2v2 solo shuffle, ur again bent to the format blizzard demands. So if blizzard want healers to be required in 2v2 they can still implement that

They won’t add it because nobody would play it besides you.

I loved playing double DPS comps back when they were actually viable.

Blizz has created meta where healers are a must, found out that there is actually NOT enough healers for all the DPS players out there, and is currently looking for ways to push some of those DPS players into playing a role that they don’t want to play.

Nothing good can come out of this. You can make the healer Q super-duper rewarding, but if people are playing it JUST for the reward, it’s still a chore.

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Of course you do because you are Rogue but not everyone has better bubble in form of Vanish.

Stealth is a big help, but overall, I don’t think assa has very strong defensives.

Wrong. If double dps 2v2 shuffle was added it would instantly become most played pvp bracket.

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To tell me I’m wrong you have to firstly say one correct thing in your life. All your takes so far missed the point by a mile.

Still you have guaranteed opener and Vanish is literally best defence in the game as you can leave Invis whenever you want thanks to Cloaked in Shadows. You’d need to have all Affli Dots in order to break it. Even bleeds are not the problem anymore as you can CoS them.

I realize we are derailing the thread a bit, but I can’t help but respond - it’s not as unbeatable as you’d think it is. And that’s because all the players above the 1000 rating know to stun before the kill atempt. Every defensive ability in our toolkit has to be used preemptively BEFORE you get stunned. And that’s the hard part for the rogue - you just have to smell it coming.

The best rogues always seem to be able to do that, and they seem freaking unbeatable, OP, master-trolling cancer class, but it’s just not as easy to pull of as you think it is. Once you get caught in Hammer of Justice with your pants down (==without a trinket), you’re toast.

I actually wanted to mention another thing here. The OP’s proposed solution would, I feel, cut back significantly on both queue times and match duration.

From my experience in MMO’s, this is massive help in fighting players frustration, and consequently, their toxicity. People usually get frustrated about their wasted time investment, whatever that might represent in game (downgraded M+ key, rating in Solo Shuffle…).

And it’s understandable, if you’ve been sitting in Q for 30 minutes, then playing the 6 rounds of SS for +15 minutes, only to get steamrolled - you will need double the time to make up for the lost progress! That’s more then 2 hours of wasted time, if that happens few times in a row, this can get very frustrating.

Imagine we could cut the queue to 1 minute or less, average match duration to perhaps 1m30s. There would be no point rage quiting, or flaming teammates, you can make up the loss in 5 minutes, probably even progress beyond!

I realize this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in my mind, short Q’s and matches would de-escalate the tension and de-emphasize all the balancing and match-making problems we’re facing today (I know, I know, nerf the Secret Technique, right? :slight_smile: )

In 2s you’re the one being stunned by the rogue, not the other way around - and even if they mess up and let you react, the mage is there with 0cd sheep into db into nova into ring into blastwave.

Also, its your choice to play assa and miss out on 4 extra stuns, an extra vanish, a ton of CDR, a ton of self healing and a ton of burst. Arms warriors arent swapping spec and getting one that lives in 2s without a healer.

2s shuffle would just be rogue/mage/priest and maybe some cracked druids and warlocks.

That’s why you’re not 1000 rating in either? Please…

Rogue/Mage is always favoured 2v2 double dps spec spec even with Assassination spec. Let’s not pretend that any other 2x dps combination that is without Rogue is even close. Especially that 2v2s start with way higher dampening than in previous expansions.

Also imagine a lobby with Arms, Havoc, Enha, Ret. It will be like two trains going full speed against each other - 15 sec arenas who is going to one shot each other first. Soooooo fun… Yeah… Or imagine someone playing SP getting into Fury, Havoc, BM lobby or as Ret into Destru, Demo, Frost Mage lobby.

You don’e even need to good at arenas to see this bracket is going to be terrible.

That’s factually incorrect, I am ranked 1366 ATM in solo shuffle on assa.

Your other point about rogue/mage being favoured is true, but that was back then before the CC nerf and the double HP increases. It’s not as good as it used to be, I am afraid.

That’s actually pretty good, queue being fast, matches being fast.

Notice how everyone so vehemently against this proposal are healer mains because they know double dps 2s shuffle would instantly take away their power and become the most popular pvp bracket of all time.

It’s so simple, if you don’t like it you don’t have to queue for it. But it should be available to the majority of dps players who WOULD like instant queues.

Worst idea i’ve ever heard right so make a 2v2 shuffle so all hybrid classes destroy everyone? stupid idea, stupid person.