The "real" Sylvanas Windrunner and "death"

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But you see, here’s the thing.

Take out BfA for a second and look at the overall picture.
For years, through her puppets, Azshara held a seat, unbeknown to Katherine, in the Kul’tiran meetings. She and her forces kept the fleet under a storm.
A great deal of things that happened during W3 happened which benefited Azshara.

Also, the whole thing in 8.2 - Blizzard have made it so that Queen Azshara is enjoying herself.
And also, I don’t understand how she was ruined for you - this was predicted right from the start. We knew that she was in allegiance with the Old Gods. We knew that we would eventually face her. There’s nothing here, that is truly shocking and from what we can gather - she isn’t getting killed either.

I’ve seen the overall interest people have in this character and it’s going down. I blame Blizzard for putting the character into a position that was detrimental to her previous position as Banshee Queen.
Being Warchief has totally ruined the character. Being Banshee Queen is what made the character great.

The whole thing with this as well, which REALLY annoys me, is that we have the Alliance leader, whose passive and weak and who is supposedly here to combat “toxic masculinity” (which doesn’t bloody exist) and some uber-ridiculously powerful female character on Horde side. The sooner people realize that there is no such thing as “toxic masculinity” we might start getting some better characters.


Well she was always portrayed as a Character, who dont let anyone go above her own. The same happened in the Warbringers. A lot off people thought she is probably playing 4D-chess with Nzoth. Using his power and not releasing him. But since 8.2 we know she is doing everything to release him. Thats where her Character was ruined for me. I see this as a bigger Character damage then even what blizzard did to Sylvanas. At the end Sylvanas is still Sylvanas. She wont serve anyone. That was something that Azshara and Sylvanas had in common. Also we dont know yet if Azshara will survive the Raid.
I agree that the Warchief position damaged Sylvanas her Character, when the Banshee Queen made her Character. But if this all serves later for a greather thing, like if they didnt lied about the “She wont be Garrosh 2.0” and Sylvanas becomes something greater, bigger then just a Banshee Queen (like a Death entity9, I take it.

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Well she was always going to be a servant to some degree.

But her being a servant to some decree, didn’t ruin the things that she did, post Naga. As mentioned, after Daelin’s death, she did hold a seat in the Kul’Tiran Council, which she used to her advantage.

Thalyssra says:
Spoilers, “Now you will know what it means to be trapped, Azshara!”

The character is far too loved and Blizzard knows this. Azshara’s fanbase is a silent one, but for this, the message couldn’t have been clearer. They don’t want her to die.

Well, from what we can see, when we look at Sylvanas and Tyrande especially, we are starting to see things that closely relate to their “End Time” scenes.

Also, Delaryn says “You’ve made life your enemy.” Now, barring the Kaldorei, who else is #ProLife?
Alexstrasza and the Red Dragons. Now where was the Echo of Sylvanas found - the Ruby Dragonshrine.

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Azshara isn’t loved, just overhyped.

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As are many characters - however, Azshara hasn’t been overhyped by her fanbase.

Her fanbase just love the character and Blizzard knows this. She is loved and treasured. This was only done further after her Warbinger.


We will see what will happen in the Cinematic Raid after she is defeated. I still disagree with you, for me she is ruined. But maybe thats just me.
Also I know the similarities to the “End Time” but you should agree with me, that probably bouth, Tyrande and Sylvanas wont end there. There will be later, probably next xpac somewhere a plot, a moment for bouth that will change something.
I dont think Sylvanas will end at the same fate as her End Time Echo.

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Well no, I never said that either would end there - but both characters are edging closer to their End Time personas and we know that Nozdorumu is due to fall and become Murozond in due course.
It just seems to be happening rather quickly for both Tyrande and Sylvanas and when Nozdormu falls (there’s no ifs, no buts about this, it will happen), what will be the fate of the Dragonflights, Alexstrasza, Kalec, Soridormi etc.

Again, this isn’t to say that Tyrande and Sylvanas will die as their End Time selves - Nozdormu will, but the night elf leader and forsaken leader, I can’t see it - but I do think End Time is coming and for these two (T & S), it’s coming quickly.


Imo she is trying to release him, to kill him!

She started the War which War and chaos feeds Old gods etc etc

It doesnt make sense for her to serve him as after Arthas she serves noone.

And it fits the profile of doing everything no matter how moral to kill the big bad, as she did with the Lich King.


Hmmm, the void cannot corrupt undeath, so I believe that Sylvanas is not a vessel/controlled by any old god or void lord


I wasnt talking about Sylvanas, I meant Azshara

And I was right, haha

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